What would your life look like if you actually did what you knew you needed to do to accomplish your biggest dreams? 

If you've ever felt like you weren't reaching your full potential, almost as if there is an invisible force field holding you back from accomplishing your biggest dreams and stopping you from living the life you've always desired, then this challenge is for you.

The 10-Day Unstuck Yourself Challenge

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Do you ever feel like you know what to do, but can't seem to do it?

At least consistently?

Then you're in the right place.

If you're like most people - myself for a longer time than I care to admit - you struggle to put the information you learn into action.

You read books, listen to podcasts, and even hire business or life coaches, yet remain stuck.

  • Trapped.
  • Paralyzed.
  • Spinning your wheels.

Along for the ride that is the rollercoaster of self-sabotage: two steps forward and three steps back.

If you relate to the above, you don't have an information or technical problem.

You have a mindset problem.


The 10-Day Unstuck Yourself Challenge

The 10-Day Unstuck Yourself Challenge is intended to help you understand where, why, and how you're stuck while also empowering you with the awareness, tools, and strategies essential to get unstuck so you can unlock your full potential.

Whether you're trying to unstuck yourself from negative health, money, career, or relationship patterns, the 10-Day Unstuck Yourself Challenge is for you.

My name is

Paul Salter…

I'm a Hypno-Mindset and Performance Coach.

I help aspiring and current high-performers get unstuck by stopping self-sabotage at the source so they can unlock their full potential.

I work with a diverse group of individuals like you who want to be, do, and achieve more.


My clients include business owners, entrepreneurus, c-suite executives, professional poker players, lawyers, medical doctors, real estate agents and investors, coaches and mentors, as well as professionals in tech, creative fields, academia, and beyond.

Having personally coached over 2,500 clients, I'm an expert in helping you get out of your own way by stopping self-sabotage at the source.

With an extensive background working with elite Collegiate, Professional, and Olympic athletes as a Sports Dietitian, as well as continuous training undert two of the world's top hypnotherapists, Elliot Roe and Grace Smith, my unique coaching system leverages 15 years of coaching with an emphasis on hypnosis, subconscious reprogramming, mindset shift training, and proven strategies to help you unstuck yourself.


Elliot Roe



Grace Smith


The Result: You break through limiting beliefs, overcome mental roadblocks, and conquer the fears holding you back from unlocking your full potential.

I want to share some of the strategies for success I've discovered working with these high performers so that you, too, can reap the abundance of rewards that await you once you get unstuck.

That is if you're willing to accept...

My Challenge to You…

My challenge to you is simple.


I challenge you to commit to…

  • Owning the excuses, beliefs, and stories keeping you playing small and feeling stuck.
  • Sitting with the discomfort that comes with confronting each of these excuses, beliefs, and stories head on.
  • Letting go of the collection of emotions, beliefs, and stories no longer serving you (so that you can make room for those that do).
  • Taking control of the trajectory of your life.
  • Clarifying and consistently working toward your full potential.

I challenge you to commit to taking action toward your full potential for 30 minutes each day for 10 consecutive days.

If you accept this challenge, I'll help you follow through on each aspect (and so will dozens of other Challenge Members) so that you can get out of your own way and unlock your full potential.

Change in this world is the one guarantee.

If you commit to this challenge, I'll teach you how to navigate the constant change in life while feeling confident and in control every step of the way.

And I'll show you how to do that in just 10 days.

I created the 10-Day Unstuck Yourself Challenge to help you get out of your own way and unlock your full potential.

Will you accept my challenge and join me?

Join the Challenge!


Bri Heron

Founder and Coach, Heron Fitness & Nutrition


It's hard to put into words what it has meant for me to work with Paul.

For some time, I'd been feeling paralyzed in my business and trapped by my very busy life.

Paul gave me a safe space to explore what was really going on within myself and overcome a lifetime of hesitation and fear of failure. Our work opened my eyes to other areas of my life where I had also not been showing up as my authentic self.

Paul helped me let go of the deep emotions that had held me back and gave me tools to navigate overwhelm...

I'm finally in a place where I am bravely and confidently taking action.

My business and marriage have both benefitted immensely through this work.

I've also been able to stop living in "survival mom mode" which has helped me show up as the parent I want to be too.

I can't say enough positive things about the work Paul does.

It's illuminating and freeing."


Santo Chiappetta

Owner and Founder: Strength and Conditioning by Santo


"Working with Paul has been a huge game changer not only in my business but in my day to day interactions with myself.

As an entrepreneur, you are your business. If you're not in the best headspace you can be in for yourself personally, this can bleed into your business and impair your ability to take the actionable steps required to continuously make progress.

Taking the time to experience hypnosis and mindset and performance coaching with Paul has been an opportunity to better understand not only myself, but what makes me tick. Having someone like Paul who I knew I could trust made the process effective and enjoyable.

...Paul's service is invaluable to anyone looking to improve their quality of life, work, and overall day-to-day human experience.

Thank you for a positive experience and helping me move some seriously heavy rocks, Paul!!"


Ashley DeAcetis

Owner + CEO: Metamorphosis Fitness | Babes, Babies + Barbells | Conscious Culinary, LLC


"My experience working with Paul was transformational.

Paul was super professional, curiously engaged, and so attentive to what I shared. I was impressed with how well he remembered details I'd shared and then used them in key moments during our conversation to help connect the dots.

I walked away from my first coaching call feeling lighter, more grounded and controlled, and more excited to live my crazy life than I'd been in a long time.

A month later, I am still seeing the breakthroughs I experienced on this call show up in valuable ways in my day-to-day life.

10/10 recommend!"

How It Works


The challenge kicks off on Monday, March 4th, 2024, and runs for 10 days.

When you enroll in the challenge, you'll get access to the private Challenge-Participants Only Facebook Group, where all the action will take place.

Each day there will be a mix of video training, audio training, exercises, and action steps, specifically designed to build upon each other to create massive momentum toward getting unstuck and unlocking your full potential.

Along the way, you'll have a team of other challenge participants, all with similar big goals and ambitions, cheering you on and helping you to stay on track.

10 Days to Get Unstuck

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What You Can Expect


Uncover Why You're Stuck

(And How You Got Here)

  • The stuckness you currently feel is the result of a pattern of self sabotage designed to keep you safe. I'll help you uncover the origin of this sabotaging pattern so that you can begin to unlearn the beliefs, stories, and habits keeping you suck in this cycle.
  • What if I told you that you're not actually stuck, rather, you're afraid? I'll help you unconver the core fear behind your stuck feeling and help you understand why this fear exists and how to overcome it.

Learn How to Get UNSTUCK

  • Do you know who you are without this perpetual pattern of self-sabotage? What does life look and feel like without the part of you that sabitages your success? I’ll help you gain clarity in your answers to these key questions - and more - so you can prepare to step into this unstuck version of yourself.
  • Once you’re clear on exactly who you are when you’re no longer stuck, and we’ve knocked down the roadblocks holding you back from your best, we’ll knock down one major domino after the next to pave a path toward your full potential.

Build Your Unstuck Yourself Toolkit

  • Once you’ve identified and released the collection of saboteurs keeping you stuck, and begun to make momentum toward your full potential, it’s essential that you continuously work to maintain your momentum and reinforce your upgraded beliefs, stories, and habits.
  • To finish off the challenge, I'll reach into my toolkit and share some of my most effective mindset and performance strategies to ensure you remain unphased be the challenges life throws your way and committed to the pursuit of your full potential.
  • I’ll teach you how to not only maintain energy and focus, but how to troubleshoot expected and unexpected challenges so you can consistently be taking action and moving forward.

Ethan Goforth

Luxury Apartment Leasing Manager


“It was awesome to witness my mind unravel layers of thoughts and emotions that I didn't even know were there.

During my coaching sessions with Paul, I found myself addressing lingering anxieties and stressors. It was like having a conversation with my own mind. The positive suggestions and affirmations planted during hypnosis began to take root in my daily life. I noticed a newfound sense of calm and resilience. It was like unlocking a mental toolkit that I didn't realize I had.

In the days and weeks that followed, I continued to feel the positive effects. It was like the weight of unnecessary worries had lifted; I could think clearer.

It was awesome.”


Elaina Koyl

Teacher | Certified Personal Trainer | Nutrition and Mindset Coach | Pre and Post-Natal Coach


“When I first came across Paul’s content, I was skeptical. But I had been desperate to figure out why my business wasn’t flourishing as I had hoped, so I decided to move forward and work with Paul.

I had a decent idea as to who I was and why but each session brought deeper clarity to those things and even more so what I was doing in reality. A few days after each session, I felt a shift in me. More energy, more creativity and a clearer understanding of what I needed to do next.

During my time working with Paul I saw a definite change in how I behaved and as a result, my business shifted. More clients signed up with me, I was more confident in my abilities and the direction I wanted to take my coaching practice.

I think Paul’s approach can help almost anyone achieve their goals but also, just simply improve their lives for the better.”


Sherry Miller

Retired Registered Nurse


After my first three coaching calls, I was blown away - so I signed up for six more. I have made progress in ways I’ve never dreamed possible. I thought I was doing this as a way to work on mindset for my nutrition but where this journey has taken me is so much more.

We’ve gone to places of trauma that have shaped my poor self-image, my destructive self-talk, and my self-sabotage.

During these calls, I’ve learned how to give my younger and more vulnerable self the love and care I lacked during these times of trauma and it has made a tremendous impact on my current self.

Through healing the past, I’m learning how to show love to myself in the present. I cannot wait to see what future sessions have in store for me. If you’re on the fence, take the leap of faith: put your trust in Paul and sign up for 1:1 Hypno-Mindset and Performance Coaching.

I know you won’t regret it.”

What's Included

  • Daily live training, guidance, and Q&A with a Mindset and Performance Coach with 15+ years of coaching experience.
  • Daily worksheets and action steps to help you take action on what you discover and unlock.
  • Exclusive guided hypnosis recording audios to help you release old beliefs and integrate new ones.
  • Accountability and Community to help you stay on track and finish the challenge strong.
  • Confidence that you’re taking consistent action toward your full potential.
  • Massive momentum toward being, doing, and achieving more.

10 Days to Get Unstuck

Get Started for Only $27

What My Clients Are Saying


Lindsey Ward

Product Manager


“As a former nutrition client, I remember how impactful all of the mindset work I did with Paul had helped me more than any therapy I had done in the past.

I was excited to try hypo-mindset coaching and after a few sessions it has caused a HUGE shift in my positive energy and confidence in myself.

It has helped me process negative feelings and trauma from my childhood and recognize how it shows up in the present day. I’ve been able to better prioritize myself, set clear boundaries, communicate through difficult situations, and be confident in speaking up for what I want.

I’ve found my voice again, and feel very powerful and in control.”


Dr. Kalila Bodden

Medical Doctor & Leadership Wellness Consultant


“I booked in to work with Paul as part of my continuing self-development plan. During our time together, we dove deep to uncover hidden blocks and subconscious connections that were affecting my ability to achieve certain goals - personally and professionally.

I’ve gained greater self-awareness around established habits and thought patterns and have been able to easily bring more intention around how I want to feel.

Paul is a master at his craft – if you’re looking for definitive answers, clarification on why you feel stuck, and gentle guidance for making easeful changes, I would highly recommend working with him.”


Pokerface Ash

Professional Poker Player


“Working with Paul as my Mindset Coach has been transformative for my mental game.

His guidance and support have significantly improved my overall mindset, leading to increased focus, resilience, and confidence.

Paul's personalized approach has been instrumental in helping me navigate challenges and achieve a more positive and productive mindset.

I highly recommend him for anyone seeking meaningful improvements in their mental well-being and performance.”


Carl Berryman

Coach and Host of Inspired by Impact Podcast


“What can you say when the words 'thank you' don't do any justice for how you've helped me?

I've spent over two decades immersed in personal development, investing in therapy, life coaches, mentors, and business coaches, and I can honestly say that our deep-dive session revealed as much if not more to me than any number of hours I have spent with others.

More importantly, you helped me define the one thing that is holding me back and attack it with courage, embrace it with love, and remove it from my path towards being my true authentic self in this world - aka un-f*ckwithable!

It's amazing how something from my childhood - something that I was aware of but not connected to - became so clear to me in my short time with you.

I want to thank you for helping me find my true self but more importantly, love and share my true self with my world.”

Information alone isn't enough to get unstuck.


Join me for a 10-day transformational journey rooted in action to get unstuck and unlock your full potential!

10 Days to Get Unstuck

Get Started for Only $27

This is For YOU If…


You feel STUCK.

Trapped in a loveless (and sexless) relationship or marriage.

Spinning your wheels trying to pay off your credit card and stay out of debt.

Running in place trying to earn that promotion and raise at work.

Stuck in a cycle of losing and regaining the same 20 pounds.

Paralyzed (in a state of indecision and inaction) trying to leave your job and strike out on your own as an entrepreneur and business owner.

Held hostage by a collection of beliefs, stories, and excuses you can't seem to shake.

Like you're fighting the resistance of an invisible gravitational force preventing you from being more, doing more, earning more, and achieving more!

If you're ready to…

  • Release the vice-like grip of negative emotions holding you back from achieving your full potential…
  • Let go of the stories, beliefs, and excuses keeping you stuck in a pattern of self sabotage…
  • Step into a state of confidence, purpose, and clarity…
  • Courageously and consistently take action toward your biggest dreams…

Then the 10-Day Unstuck Yourself Challenge is for You!


10 Days to Get Unstuck

Get Started for Only $27

Frequently Asked Questions


The challenge kicks off Monday, March 4 and concludes on Wednesday, March 13.


Join the Challenge!


Lauren Frick

Owner and Head Coach, Frickin’ Strong


“Working with Paul has been an absolute life changer, both personally and in business.

Prior to working with him, I was really struggling to implement the business tactics I’d been learning.

In three sessions, I found the courage to end an unhealthy, 8-year relationship, found a confident voice for social media content, and significantly decreased the anxiety and frustration I experienced around writing to the point where it’s become a daily practice instead of a weekly meltdown.

These might sound like small things, but I can assure you, they were like Everest to me.

“Day to day, I’m generally more peaceful, resilient, and confident. I could go on, but what’s most incredible to me is how quickly I was able to shift and grow.

I didn’t want to write that working with Paul has been life-changing because it sounds so cliche and unbelievable, but it’s the truth.

My only wish is to have started sooner. If you’re on the fence about working with Paul, do not wait. You won’t regret it. It's been a real privilege and an experience I won't forget.”


Robyn Phillips

Business Owner, Coach, CF Level II Trainer


“When I first connected with Paul, something about the way he came across and the words he used really resonated with me, so I reached out (despite having huge reservations about sharing intimate details about myself with a virtual stranger) and we went from there.

Paul has such a natural way of communicating that you feel like you are talking to an old friend, someone who knows everything (good and bad) there is to know about you, but there is zero judgment attached to this.

You can pretty much tell him anything and he's okay with that. He'll find a way to help you work through whatever the issue is.

Over our sessions, Paul was able to pinpoint moments in my life where I had suffered a trauma and we were able to work through these in such a gentle and comforting way.

I was able to address these traumas and some of the attached emotions, allowing myself to begin to forgive, soothe, and heal my inner child.

I have been so much more productive, confident, and energetic with regards to my coaching and the work that needs to be done. I have always been a huge procrastinator because I worry so much about what other people might think, but Paul really helped me overcome my hesitation to just get things done and for that alone I am truly grateful.

Paul is a truly talented practitioner and coach and I don't think there is a person out there who wouldn't benefit from working with him. He is gentle and encouraging and supportive and wise beyond his years. I would recommend him to anyone who is feeling stuck in whatever sphere of their life they may be stuck in.”


Yasmine Tarek

Owner and Head Coach at Moms Get Fit


“I was very lucky to work with Paul over the last few months.

I'd tried hypnosis before and knew it worked great. Working with Paul took it to a whole different level.

Paul knows what he's doing; his calm and reassuring attitude helped me into a very relaxed and deep state each time, which helped me bypass my own conscious resistance.

We've uncovered and healed a lot of limiting beliefs and I continue to feel the effects of the work we did together.

I feel like it's helping me become better at running my business and even more importantly it's helping me greatly in how I parent my children.”


Join the Challenge!

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