How to Shift your Mindset and Start a Diet and Stick to It

How to shift your mindset and start a diet and stick to it

For the longest time, it was believed – even by the experts! – that our beliefs, talents, and intelligence, and, therefore, our potential, identity, and reality, were pretty much set in stone. Talk about defeating! Fortunately, as more and more research in the realm of mindset and positive psychology emerged, experts began to observe new…

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Happy Weight and How Much Is Healthy To Lose In A Month

happy weight & how much is healthy to lose in a month

Think back to the last time you were radiating confidence and positivity, vibrating at such a high frequency it was contagious, and navigating your day with boundless energy… What did you weigh? Perhaps, even more important: did you even care about your weight? Likely not. Your happy weight is the weight you radiate confidence and…

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Weight Loss Affirmations For Sustainable Weight Loss

weight loss affirmation

If you’re like me, upon first learning about self love affirmations you may have laughed at the thought of speaking or writing a statement over and over. Especially the idea they could have a powerful effect on the desired outcome. This article details what weight loss affirmations are. Plus, the research-backed benefits and how to…

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