We help high-achieving women frustrated by the dieting industry and stuck in the yo-yo diet cycle reclaim their confidence, control, and inner calm so that they may achieve sustainable weight loss to feel, look, and be their best.

What’s the meaning of
“Five Percent” in our name?

Within three years of starting a diet, only 5% of dieters have actually maintained their weight loss…

While we could talk your ear off attempting to appropriately place the blame for such a statistic, we’d rather not. Instead, we’d rather reinforce and remind you that everything we do is aimed at helping you become one of The 5 Percent…

A woman who is confident, in control, and possesses immense inner calm as she navigates her day.

A woman in control of her food choices - whether she’s navigating a meal out, social occasion, or eating in her own home - and unphased by the temptations she encounters on a daily basis.

A woman who radiates positivity and joy, which enables her to have a more positive impact on all she interacts with because she’s learned the benefit of putting herself first on the priority list.

A woman unaffected by the number she sees on the scale because she’s incredibly clear on how she wants to feel and has appropriately aligned her actions to make those feelings her reality.

Sustainable weight loss from the inside out.

That’s The 5% Way.

Why We Do What We Do

We feel women have been short-changed and misled by the weight-loss industry.

You’ve been led to believe that beauty and sexiness can only be achieved if you look a certain way and then handed one of many restrictive approaches to help you achieve that societal-influence standard of beauty.

Evenmore, the weight-loss recommendations and approaches offered are designed to keep you as repeat customers trapped as a lifelong member of the weight-loss industry.


The restrictive approaches you take breed weight regain because they’re unsustainable, which means after willpower is exhausted, you inevitably revert to the habits that led you to being unhappy with your health, weight, or self in the first place.

Hell, you may even end up worse off than when you started the diet to begin with!

And so the cycle goes…

weight loss & weight regain cycle

But perhaps most alarming is that nowhere have you ever come across the education, resources, coaching, and community support related to how to maintain your weight loss after a diet - without feeling like you’re dieting.

Diet culture tells us that we have an obesity epidemic when in reality we have a weight-maintenance problem. And if we take a step back to think about why, the answer becomes quite simple and clear:

There’s next to nothing out there related to teaching you (and coaching and supporting you) how to develop sustainable eating habits that empower you with a sense of confidence, control, and inner calm or how to maintain your weight loss after a diet.

We aim to change that.

We are the authority on sustainable weight loss. Period.

Your one-stop (final-stop) when it comes to receiving the education (the simple truth), Community, and support you need to lose the weight and keep it off for good.

How We Do This

By providing expert education, impactful resources, nutritional guidance, and unmatchable community and coaching support.

By focusing on the fundamentals of sustainable weight loss before, during, and after the diet so that you can build a unique and simple foundation of healthy eating habits. This shift empowers you to effortlessly make food choices to help you feel your best…

…which frees up space and energy to then dive deep into uncovering the root causes for negative self-talk, toxic thoughts, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behaviors.

These are the real demons currently preventing you from losing the weight you desire and keeping it off.

The Maintain My Weight Loss After A Diet Blueprint


The definitive guide that walks you through exactly what nutrition changes to make, and prepares you for what mindset challenges to expect, so you can maintain your weight loss without feeling like you're dieting and resume a sense of normalcy after a diet.

The 4 Elements Of Sustainable Weight Loss

If you’ve struggled to lose weight and keep it off, know you’re not alone.

In fact, of the tens of millions of people just like you who diet every year, 85% regain the weight they lose within 12 months.

And that number increases to 95% within three years...

Why is weight regain so common?

Truth be told, there are many reasons, however, what we’ve observed in our experience helping thousands of women like you lose weight and keep it off for good is that most people don’t even begin to scratch the surface when it comes to addressing the root cause.


Losing weight and keeping it off is about much more than what and when you eat.

There’s much more beneath the surface of calories in and calories out that must be addressed to truly reach a state of limitless confidence, control, and inner calm.

To achieve lasting results and the feelings you desire, you must do the deep work so that you can undergo a transformation from the inside out. To make this possible, we focus on the following four core elements of sustainable weight loss:


Sustainable Nutrition Strategies

From a young age you’re taught the difference between nutritious and not-so-nutritious food choices. And as you get older, you also gain a clear understanding and appreciation of the difference between a moderate, appropriate portion size versus what we like to call “eating like an asshole.”

You know what to do to eat well, feel well, and to lose weight when it comes to making food choices; however, the sea of conflicting opinions and fad diets has made a fairly simple approach overly complex, which has bred uncertainty, distrust, and frustration.

The truth: you can lose weight and feel your best using a variety of different diets and eating behaviors, but the one that works the best and is the most sustainable is the one that is unique to you and simple.

That is why everything we teach is focused on:

  • Individualization
  • Flexibility
  • Moderation
  • Simplicity
  • Sustainability

And provides you with the need-to-know, most effective information - we cut through the BS for you and give you exactly what you need to take back control of your nutrition and to optimize progress whether you’re preparing for a diet, completing a diet, or trying to maintain your weight loss after a diet.

Whether you prefer and feel best eating three or five times per day, want to postpone your first meal by five hours or five minutes, or want to eat more carbohydrates or less carbohydrates, we provide you with the education, framework, and support to cultivate a foundation of healthy eating habits to help you feel, look, and be your best.


Mindset Shift and Positive Psychology

Your current identity and all of your past, current, and future results can be traced back to your self-talk.

Your self-talk has an incredibly powerful influence on the thoughts you have. And when a strong emotion is attached to a recurring thought, it elevates to become a belief.

These three entities collectively influence your actions.

And an action done repeatedly becomes a habit.

Your habits shape your results and outcomes, which influence your identity.


Unless you’re able to bring awareness to the collective destructive and self-sabotaging patterns taking place in your mind, you’ll remain stuck in the negative identity or outcome you’re experiencing now.

We put a premium focus on helping you to connect the dots between each aspect above so that you can take back control of achieving the feelings, outcomes, and identity you desire.


Behavior Change Strategy and Breaking Patterns

If you think back to any behavior you’ve wished to start or stop in the past, chances are it’s quite simple, e.g., set alarm for 5:45 AM to go to the gym first thing in the morning.

But just because something is simple doesn’t mean it’s easy.


To truly achieve lasting behavior change - whether that’s a total habit makeover or habit deconstruction - it’s essential to be able to understand the fundamentals of behavior change and how critical elements such as your mindset, environment, and Community play a role.

We approach behavior change from a psychological, emotional, and behavioral point of view because it’s critical that the feelings and thoughts elicited by attempting to start or stop a behavior change are addressed because of the powerful role they play in enhancing the likelihood a new behavior sticks or an old one disappears for good.


Emotional Intelligence



Everything we do is a result of an emotion we presently feel and emotion we’re currently seeking to feel.

We are emotional beings, flooded with numerous emotions at any given moment. Unless we recognize the specific emotions we feel, as well as their origin and purpose, we can remain stuck in a place in which our emotions dominate our thoughts, actions, outcomes, and identity.

Feelings are always present and fluctuate from low intensity to high intensity. This is especially true when working through removing an existing behavior or creating a new desired behavior.

We keep this top of mind through our education, coaching, and support with you every step of the way. We meet you exactly where you are. And we focus on helping you recognize and harness the emotions you feel to work for you rather than against you.