the 5% fundamental program


The Coaching Program and Experience that teaches you how to become your own nutrition coach so that you can break-free from the yo-yo dieting cycle for good.

Have you ever stopped and seriously reflected on WHY?

  • WHY you dive so quickly into one diet after another?
  • WHY you regain weight so quickly after finishing a diet?
  • WHY you are so hungry after finishing a diet...even weeks later?
  • WHY cravings skyrocket during a diet?
  • WHY it feels like the only way you can lose weight is to starve yourself and abstain from eating your favorite foods?

And WHY you have not been able to maintain your weight loss successfully after a diet?


Three letters.

One word.

Yet, one massive, immeasurable impact on what we do and do not accomplish in our lives.


When we understand why we need to do something, our ability to appreciate, embrace, accept, and commit increases exponentially, as does our ability to follow through and navigate the inevitable challenges that present themselves.

When we understand the why, we are more compelled to take ownership and feel like we truly do have control.

When we understand why we are more motivated and our thoughts and actions begin to subconsciously and consciously align with our goals.

And the benefit and power of why couldn’t be more impactful than when it comes to understanding both why you want to achieve sustainable weight loss and why you are making specific changes to your nutrition, thoughts, habits, and lifestyle in order to accomplish your weight-loss goal and stay there.

For decades, the weight-loss industry has conditioned us to blindly follow a singular rule related to losing weight: eat fewer calories than you burn.

From this one guiding principle has emerged countless variations of diets that tell you when, what, and how to eat to ensure you’re in a calorie deficit. In short, we’ve been convinced to blindly follow a set of restrictive guidelines that are supposed to lead to weight loss.

And, sure, these so-called rules do help us accomplish weight loss, but when have they ever helped us to maintain our weight loss?

They haven’t.

And they won’t.


Instead, following these restrictive approaches, plans, diets, and apps leaves us stuck in a perpetual weight-loss and weight-regain cycle…

  • You are feeling unhappy and think that losing weight will solve your problems so you seek out a popular diet.
  • This restrictive meal plan provides a short-term dopamine high and drop in weight.
  • The methods to attain weight loss are unsustainable and you begin to backslide to your old habits and ways of thinking and eating.
  • You feel unworthy and like a failure, but rather than blaming yourself you blame the specific diet you last tried.
  • You begin a new diet to experience that dopamine rush yet again.
  • And the cycle repeats itself while your weight gradually increases as the cycle repeats itself.

WHY is that, you ask?

Because these approaches mentioned above condition you to blindly follow without teaching you the why behind the changes they recommend. And, although this can be valuable to an extent, it doesn’t prepare you to handle the expected and unexpected challenges you’ll face on your own, therefore, you’re solely reliant on this one approach rather than your own knowledge.

But when you learn the why behind what needs to be done, you become empowered with feelings of confidence, control, and inner peace when it comes to adjusting your nutrition to keep the weight off for good.


But, perhaps, most instrumental in driving the weight-maintenance problem we have is the fact that no companies or coaches talk about the importance of the why in your nutrition changes before and after a diet.

  • You need to first focus on building a foundation of healthy eating habits in the absence of a calorie deficit…
  • You should strive to lose weight while eating as MUCH food as possible…
  • Dieting for longer and longer makes sustainable weight loss harder and harder...
  • You need to begin eating MORE food after a diet to maintain your weight loss (and not doing that will actually lead to weight gain)...

You unlock a level of knowledge, freedom, confidence, and control to keep the weight you worked so hard to lose off once and for all.


Knowing WHAT to Do Is Not Enough. You Need to Know WHY...

If you’re still reading this, then I know that you know WHAT to do to lose weight.

What you’re missing, however, is a fundamental understanding of why it’s important to make a series of changes at certain points during your sustainable weight-loss journey, specifically, before, during, and after a diet.

With a fundamental understanding of why alongside what you already know about behavior change and nutrition adjustments you’ll unlock an otherwise overlooked understanding of HOW to lose weight AND keep it off for good.

When you begin to understand why you were previously unprepared to begin a diet, why your past dieting efforts were too restrictive, and why you are primed for weight regain upon immediately finishing a diet, you’ll quickly see why you’ve been struggling to maintain weight loss for so long!

And, finally, with this newfound information, you’ll be able to take confident action making nutrition changes to make sustainable weight loss possible!

Imagine this for a minute…

  • You no longer catch yourself diet hopping every few weeks. Insead, there’s a sense of calm confidence in the foundation of healthy habits you’ve developed that are helping you to feel better than you ever have - with minimal effort!
  • You no longer feel uncertain about when, what, or how to eat healthily that moves you close to your goals. You have a framework of healthy eating in place that is rooted in Y.O.U. - your preferences, schedule, and goals.
  • You finally feel confident making great food choices that serve your best self and these choices happen automatically with little thought...
  • You no longer feel like you’re always dieting - you have developed a unique, simple, sustainable way of eating that you truly can see yourself adhering to for the rest of your life.
  • Your next diet truly becomes your last diet because you’ve built a foundation of habits that empower you to confidently maintain weight without missing out on life’s special moments and delicious foods.

Hey there, here’s why you may consider listening to me... see what I did there 😉

My name is Paul Salter and I am a Registered Dietitian and Sustainable Weight-Loss Specialist who stopped associating myself with the weight-loss industry long ago.

I’m the host of The Screw The Scale Podcast (160+ episodes and 100+ 5-star ratings and counting), an Author, an every-day educator and entertainer on Instagram (Read: punny with corny dad jokes) and founder of The 5% Fundamentals Program and The 5% Community


Since 2013, I’ve served as the lead Nutrition Writer and Nutrition Editor for (I’ve written and published nearly 1,000 articles) and as a Sports Nutrition Consultant and Coach for Renaissance Periodization.

During this time I also worked one-on-one with more than 1,450 men and women, helping them to collectively lose tens of thousands of pounds (and keep it off for good), as well as feel, look, and be the best version of themselves.

Through this period, I developed a formula, love, and method to achieve sustainable success that positioned me to be known as “the weight-maintenance guy” and had people lining up to work with me.

I firmly believe that weight-loss-related challenges aren’t related to lack of nutrition knowledge, but are actually projections of deeper rooted emotional and psychological challenges and that one won’t be able to confidently sustain weight loss until those challenges are acknowledged and overcome.

I’m fascinated with the complex intersection of our self-talk and mindset, belief systems, habits, and emotional awareness and management, and feel that each of these distinct areas play an integral role in helping us understand how to truly feel our best - which is what we’re all after…

...not a number on the scale or a clothing size.

We all want to feel better.

Have more energy.

Be more confident.

Possess a sense of certainty and inner calm.

And my life’s work is dedicated to helping people achieve those feelings they desire and deserve because if you can begin to rebuild a healthy and happy relationship with yourself on the inside it is quickly reflected on the outside.



The 5% Fundamentals


The 5% Fundamentals Program is a three-month introductory crash course experience to my signature Significant Sustainable Weight-Loss Formula that focuses on providing you with the why behind essential pre, during, and post-diet changes to help guarantee sustainable weight loss.

This program and coaching experience will teach you the most important information and strategies you need to build a foundation of healthy eating habits that empower you to best prepare for a successful diet, to execute a successful diet that delivers significant weight loss while feeling easy (yes, you read that right), and to maintain your hard-earned results without sacrificing your social life.

Each step of the way you’ll be empowered with a fundamental understanding of why, which as I shared above, unlocks a level of knowledge, freedom, confidence, and control to keep the weight you worked so hard to lose off once and for all.

The program experience is broken up into three distinct phases:

  • Month I: Pre-Diet Maintenance Fundamentals
  • Month II: Sustainable Weight Loss Fundamentals
  • Month III: Post-Diet Maintenance Fundamentals

During each phase, you will be introduced to a blend of diet psychology, transformational behavior change, and specific nutrition education aimed at helping you understand why your current approach to sustainable weight loss has continued to come up short and what changes you need to make to make lasting weight loss possible.

By the end of these three months, not only will you have an individualized foundation of healthy eating habits set in stone and the knowledge and confidence to make your own effective adjustments to achieve your sustainable weight-loss goal, but you’ll also have a fundamental understanding of...

  • The essential elements of The Significant Sustainable Weight-Loss Formula (SSWLF).
  • The role and importance of a pre-diet maintenance phase, and how to best prepare yourself for a successful dieting phase.
  • How to confidently make efficient and effective portion adjustments to your nutrition blueprint (plan) to drive significant, sustainable weight loss during your dieting phase.
  • How to make efficient and effective adjustments to your nutrition blueprint (plan) during the post-diet maintenance phase to not only maintain weight loss, but also to optimize energy, manage hunger and cravings, and resume a sense of normalcy in your social life.

And a fundamental understanding of why you do what you do before, during, and after a diet in order to lose the weight you desire and keep it off for good!

The goal of The 5% Fundamentals Program is to empower you with a deep understanding of the fundamental why behind every decision that needs to be made at each stage of your weight-loss journey.

The program will also detail the practical steps for you to take so that you can confidently implement the necessary changes to lose the weight, keep it off for good, and reclaim your confidence, control, and inner peace.

3-month payment plan available at no extra cost.

Click here for 3 Payments of $417!

Here's what you can expect once you join The 5% Fundamental Program


1. An Individualized Nutrition Blueprint

Upon joining, you and I will begin working closely together to build your nutrition blueprint, which is an easy to follow, individualized plan, aligned with your lifestyle and preferences that maps out the path to your ideal weight loss goal.

Yes - you receive an individualized nutrition plan hand-crafted just for you by a Registered Dietitian who’s helped thousands of people...

This layout is rooted in sustainability from day one so that you never feel like you’re restricting yourself, endlessly meal-prepping, or logging your food into an app. It will serve as your foundation of healthy eating habits that is aimed at helping you tackle your goals in a sustainable manner.

And as you progress through the next 12 weeks, you’ll learn the exact why, when, what, and how behind making effective adjustments throughout each step of the pre-diet maintenance, diet, and post-diet maintenance phases!


2. Library Of Fundamental And Transformational Online Content

Next, you’ll get access to The Significant Sustainable Weight Loss Formula Vault of content - the same formula and education I’ve used to help more than 1,450 men and women collectively lose tens of thousands of pounds and keep the weight off for good.

The program experience is broken up into three distinct focuses:

  • Part I: Pre-Diet Maintenance Fundamentals
  • Part II: Sustainable Weight Loss Fundamentals
  • Part III: Post-Diet Maintenance Fundamentals

Each week will provide you with need-to-know information and strategies (read: the WHY) to help you master one of the fundamental elements of that particular phase while also teaching you how to apply what you learn to your own journey.

We believe knowledge is power ONLY if you use it so we spend a lot of time providing you with the tools and skills to remove any friction to application.


3. Private Community Access

You’ll receive access to our private Community of like-minded high-achievers, which is hosted on Slack. This Community is a safe place for questions, answers, communication, and concerns to be shared, and for support to be given and gained.

It's here that you’ll receive personalized answers to your questions, direct feedback on your implementation of what you’re learning, as well complementary education to ensure that you feel confident applying the Significant Sustainable Weight Loss Formula yourself.


4. Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Hearing, listening to, and experiencing what other people are going through on their sustainable weight loss journeys is one of the most invaluable experiences you can have.

Each Wednesday we host a live coaching call, which is where you can connect with myself and Micheala (you’ll meet her below!) directly to have your questions answered. These calls are designed for you to unmute yourself and share where you need support, clarification, and answers.

Use this time to work through your week to week challenges related to whichever phase of the journey you’re in.

Call replays are recorded and uploaded as both a video and audio-only file (think listening to a podcast) so you can catch-up on the call content ASAP!



Meet Micheala

Your Transformation and Community Success Coach
She specializes in bringing out the absolute best in you and helping you see that you already have everything you need to achieve the transformational results you desire.

Micheala will be an incredible asset for you on your journey since she went through the process herself and has seen long lasting results (fun fact: she was one of my clients prior to joining The 5% team!)

Micheala’s coached hundreds of women in both the weight loss and fitness industries. She loves coaching inside the Community because it feels like home for everyone involved and she knows exactly how to help you get to where you want to go.

She’s here to inspire, push, hold you accountable and to ensure you’re leveraging the support and resources available to you to feel, look, and be your best.

All of this is absolutely possible when you learn the fundamentals of sustainable weight loss.


I think ONE of the main reasons why people are unable to maintain sustainable weight loss is due to the weight they carry on the inside. One of my biggest determining factors for joining the 5% was the work that would be done internally. I knew my issues lied deeper than what was on the surface and I knew that until I faced these things.... maintaining weight loss would always be a pipe dream.

If I were to narrow it down to a simple sentence to tell a friend I would tell them something along the lines of, "The 5% focuses on maintainable weight loss inside and out" or "Learn how to lose the weight and keep it off - inside and out", "Learn to lose the weight on the inside so you can lose the weight on the outside".... Just brain dumping... But you get the gist. The inner work is SO overlooked but so so important.


Cessna Darting


Paul and his team have crafted this community with so much care, humility and hard work and it comes through as I navigate through the course. The positivity, vulnerability and strength in the community members is phenomenal.

The 5 Percent Community has helped me think more deeply about how I want to live my life both in a diet phase and well beyond. After spending time drilling into our core beliefs and lifestyle preferences, I’ve come to appreciate that my diet phase will be the shortest and the least significant part of my life.

This is an utterly fantastic group of people and I’d wholeheartedly recommend it. 🙂



The 5% Fundamentals Program is for you if…

  • You’re ready to learn why sustainable weight loss has eluded you for so long despite knowing what to do
  • You’re ready to learn why it’s important to not dive into a diet so quickly before you have a foundation of individualized, healthy eating habits in place
  • You’re ready to learn why eating as much food as possible and not quickly cutting carbohydrates when seeking weight loss is the key to significant and sustainable results
  • You’re ready to learn why you need to begin eating MORE food after a diet in order to maintain your weight loss
  • You’re ready to become your own nutrition coach so you can feel confident, in control, and calm in your food choices and behaviors

You’re ready to understand WHY your sustainable weight-loss efforts have come up short in the past and WHY you need to make specific changes before, during, and after a diet to make your goal a reality.

The 5% Fundamentals program will teach you exactly what and how to build a foundation of healthy eating habits that empowers you to confidently take back control of your food choices so that you can feel your best and achieve your desired weight in a sustainable manner.

Moreover, it will provide you with direct access to two highly-experienced and educated coaches that freakin’ care about your success and are dedicated to your sustainable results and mastery of the material taught.

Achieving sustainable weight loss is a collective skill and like any skill, it cannot be mastered and made sustainable without focusing on the why and the key fundamentals in which you can build a foundation on.

Are you ready to master the fundamentals essential to maintaining weight loss for good?


By joining The 5% Fundamentals Program, you get…

  • An individualized nutrition blueprint hand-crafted by a Registered Dietitian who’s helped thousands of people just like you collectively lose tens of thousands of pounds. - Value: $1,000
  • Lifetime access to my library of fundamental and transformational content (and coaching call replays) - Value: $10,000
  • Live weekly coaching calls with myself and Coach Micheala - Value: $8,000
  • Lifetime access to a private Community of like-minded men and women and a second one-on-one coach - Value: Priceless

All for only $950!


Master the Fundamentals of Sustainable Weight Loss.

Get Started for Only $417 per Month!

If Not Now, When?

It’s said that we only rise above our pain and take action when the pain of inaction exceeds the pain (read: fear) of taking action.

What is remaining stuck in the yo-yo dieting cycle currently costing you?

  • Financially? How much more money are you willing to spend on meal plans and crap coaching from unqualified “professionals,” not to mention on weight and health-related expenses due to not being able to get each under control? When will it end?
  • Emotionally? How do you feel about a path ahead that all but guarantees poor self-esteem, lack of control, and belittled confidence? Is this the life you envision and dream of if you continue to not invest in your health and wellbeing, or, equally as bad, invest in short-sighted products that don’t truly care about you…?
  • Mentally? How are continuous unkind self-talk and negative thoughts as a result of poor nutrition consistency alongside restrictive, unsustainable behaviors serving you?

Is this collective pain worth it?

There is a way out of this vicious cycle.

And it’s a proven path that thousands of men and women just like you have followed with extraordinary, lasting results.

The only difference between them and you at this point in your journey is they took action to get away from the pain of remaining stuck in the yo-yo dieting cycle.

Will you?


Get Started Today: 3 Payments of $417.

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