Dismantle the Destructive Mindset Programs Keeping You Stuck

Uncover and unlearn the beliefs and behaviors keeping you stuck today!

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If you've ever felt like you weren't reaching your full potential, almost as if there is an invisible force field holding you back from accomplishing your biggest dreams and stopping you from living the life you've always desired, then this transformative workbook exercise is for you.

Do you ever feel like you know what to do, but can't seem to do it?

At least consistently?

Then you're in the right place.


If you're like most people - myself for a longer time than I care to admit - you struggle to put the information you learn into action.

You read books, listen to podcasts, and even hire business or life coaches, yet remain…

  • Stuck.
  • Trapped.
  • Paralyzed.
  • Spinning your wheels.

Along for the ride that is the rollercoaster of self-sabotage: two steps forward and three steps back.

If you relate to the above, you don't have an information or technical problem.

You have a mindset problem.

And that problem is better known as a destructive mindset program.

A destructive mindset program is an unconscious collection of emotions, beliefs, and behaviors that serve as pre-programmed responses to particular emotions.

When a triggering situation arises, a flood of emotional energy permeates into your...

  • Word choice (self-talk and thoughts)
  • Beliefs (about yourself, others, and life)
  • Behaviors (action and inaction)
  • Results
  • Identity (and reality)

Interestingly, these destructive mindset programs came to be to keep you safe; however, as an adult, they’re outdated and hurting you, rather than helping you.

This video exercise is the exact blueprint I’ve used not only to unstuck myself professionally and financially, but to help hundreds of clients 10X their income, happiness, and fulfillment.

  • If you’re ready to get out of your own way and stop self-sabotage for good, then this is for you.
  • If you’re ready to experience an upper limit breakthrough, this is for you.
  • If you’re ready to rise to your potential and live your best life, this is for you.

And, the best part:

It’s free.

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What’s Included

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  • LIFETIME access to the video training and accompanying worksheets.
  • LIFETIME access to a powerful audio hypnosis recording designed to complement the work you’re doing.

What would your life look like if you actually did what you knew you needed to do to accomplish your biggest dreams?

Let’s find out together.

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