Find Food Freedom Forever

Free yourself from BS food rules and the accompanying guilt, anxiety, and regret that comes with them so that you can feel excited, calm, and in control of food again!

The moment I first stepped foot into the world of dieting and weight loss, my relationship with food was forever changed…

Gone was the effortlessness of making healthy choices and the carefree attitude that accompanied me when eating my favorite foods.

These feelings were replaced by a set of restrictive food rules and an unhealthy dose of unwelcome feelings of guilt, anxiety, and regret.

I was married to MyFitnessPal for nearly six years.


During this time, I fluctuated through phases in which I demonized both carbohydrates and fat, didn't eat past a certain time, and almost always skipped social occasions, or, if I did attend them, became a complete and total stress ball.

Can you relate?

Life was not fulfilling, to say the least.

And, when I did indulge in my favorite foods, I felt crippling guilt and regret, which occasionally led to skipping meals, eating less, or over-doing cardio the following day…

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In 2016, I divorced MyFitnessPal and completely blew up my relationship with food so that I could start from scratch and rebuild it in a way that both served me and excited me.

It wasn't easy, but early on, I began to actually enjoy food again. I started to regain the confidence and trust in myself to enjoy delicious food at social occasions without any accompanying guilt, shame, or regret, and, perhaps, most importantly, I ditched the next-day compensatory behaviors that typically followed.

Fast-forward to today, and I've cultivated what I like to refer to as a state of Food Freedom.

I can confidently and intentionally indulge in my favorite foods - even at a moment's notice when the opportunity presents itself - free of guilt, shame, anxiety, and regret. And I also trust myself to simply get right back on track with my usual plan at the next opportunity.

I want this for you, too.

You deserve it.

That is why I created this three-part training program: to help you free yourself from BS food rules and the accompanying guilt, anxiety, and regret that comes with them so that you can feel excited, calm, and in control of food again - and find Food Freedom forever!


Find Food Freedom Forever

Training Program And Experience!


By the end of this three-part training experience, you will…

  • Gain clarity on the written and unspoken food rules dominating your thoughts, actions, and feelings.
  • Discover how to begin unlearning these BS food rules and rewriting your own.
  • Understand how toxic your current self-talk and food talk are and the impact they have on your relationship with food (plus, develop an action plan to reprogram your word choice).
  • Understand exactly what your personal definition of food freedom is and develop a set of action steps to bring this vision to reality.
  • Realize the simple, yet, invaluable role structure plays in creating more food freedom in your life
  • And so much more!

All of this is yours for only $147

You'll have lifetime access to the following tools and resources…

  • 2.5 hours of online learning content (broken up into three videos).
  • Multiple exercises that are designed to help you understand the origin of where your relationship with food went south and to gain a fundamental understanding of how to begin shifting that trajectory.
  • Over a dozen powerful journal prompts to help you lay the foundation and take the proven steps to rebuild your relationship with food, rewrite your food guidelines.
  • My proven Self-Talk to Identity Transformational Model of Change.

Receive a FREE 30-minute Food Freedom Strategy Call with me to help you further implement what you learn (normally $400).

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All of this is yours for only $147

Meet Your Dietitian and Food Freedom Coach

Hey, I'm Paul Salter - your Registered Dietitian and Coach.

Since 2013, I've personally coached 1,500+ men and women and helped them collectively lose 10,000+ pounds of body fat and keep it off.

During this time I've also…

  • Built thousands of individual nutrition plans
  • Served as a Head Coach and Sports Nutrition Consultant for Renaissance Periodization
  • Served as the Lead Nutrition Writer and Editor for
  • Published 200+ Episodes of The 5% Way Podcast
  • Written and consulted for some of the biggest companies and top athletes in the world
  • I'd be honored to have the chance to work with you to build a sustainable nutrition plan that empowers you to confidently and consistently eat to feel, look, and be your best!

All of this is yours for only $147

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