Sick of feeling stuck in the weight loss-regain cycle hopping from one diet to the next without lasting results and ready to not only lose the weight and keep it off for good but also become the most confident, loving, and sexy version of yourself who puts her own needs and self-care first…?

Then read on because in The 5% Community…

…we help high-achieving moms like you stuck in the weight loss-regain cycle hopping from one diet to another without lasting success while putting everyone else’s needs above their own…

…go from feeling overwhelmed trying to find the perfect diet, defeated and like a failure when trying to achieve your desired body weight, possessing less-than-desired levels of self-confidence and self-love, and struggling to make time for yourself… becoming the most confident, loving, energetic, and positive version of yourself who puts her self-care and needs first so that she can…

  • approach your nutritional choices with the utmost trust and sense of control,
  • feel free of food-related guilt and anxiety - whether dining in or navigating social occasions,
  • feel confident in how you look - whether in your work attire, date night dress, or bathing suit,
  • feel in control of your ability to maintain successful weight loss (without feeling like you’re dieting) for good (seriously),
  • and confidently and consistently prioritize self-care time without guilt, anxiety, or second-guessing yourself for choosing to do so.

Real Moms, Real Results!

Charlotte Grant

Charlotte, 40+-year-old mother of two, lost 22 pounds in two years and has maintained that weight loss with confidence!

Marissa Front (1)

Marissa, a 38-year-old mother of two, has lost 40 pounds since 2020 and kept it off!

Katy Knerr

Katy, a 33-year-old mother of two,lost 45 pounds and has kept it off!

If imagining the above as your present-day reality excites you, then I invite you to read on because The 5% Community isn’t just another diet plan, weight-loss support group, or online course…


The 5% Community is a lifetime transformational experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen in the weight-loss industry that’s designed to help you achieve your sustainable weight loss transformation from the inside out while supporting your ascension into the best version of yourself.


When Nicole joined The 5% Community, she was working out twice per day, stepping on the scale multiple times per day, and measuring every single bite of food she ate. Fast-forward a year later, and at age 50, she’s never looked or felt better. She possesses an unmatchable level of confidence, control, and inner calm.

She’s lost significant weight and maintained it with ease…all en route to earning the award of 2021 Member of the Year!

In her own words, “I find The 5% Community both a positive and a safe place to share ideas, emotions, human struggles, and achievements. It feels like a second family rich in support.

The three adjectives I would use to describe my Community experience are therapeutic (find it feeds my soul in some way), supportive (It's nice to be able to share both our wins and our struggles), and motivational (hearing other people's positive vibes motivates me to push myself. Love the like-minded nature. I feel connected.)”


Caelli went from being her own worst enemy and saboteur after successful diets, which led to regaining the weight she lost, to now being her biggest ally through a transformation in her self-talk, emotional awareness and management, and trust in herself to focus on consistency rather than perfection. She lost 14 pounds during her most recent diet and continues to maintain that with ease…

On her biggest shift: “My mindset has shifted to more positive self-talk and self-love. I catch myself using the tools I've learned in real-life moments. For example, when negative talk comes to mind I immediately try to turn it into a positive to push past the moment and not dwell. Or when I'm having a rough day, I stop and remind myself what I'm thankful for. (Body issue days and hard mom days included).”


Heather joined The 5% Community because “I was tired of losing weight just to gain it back. I knew what to do in order to lose and maintain my weight, but most of the problem was in my mindset and thoughts. I wanted to get a better understanding of that part and to change my ways to be the best version of myself!”

Heather has experienced significant changes in her mindset, habits (hello, putting herself first more consistently!), as well as her physique and exercise performance, but, most transformational of all, her relationship with the scale.

“I no longer ruminate on what the scale says. This used to cause me great daily stress, and it would affect the way I interact with my family and the way I could handle other stressors. I learned my weight doesn’t define me, and I am no longer caring (as much) about what others perception of me based on my body is. I used to think about this constantly and it would affect my emotions so much.”


Here’s How it Works

The 5 Percent Community is our signature sustainable weight-loss experience and transformational program designed to help you not only achieve your weight loss goal for good, but to empower you with the confidence, control, and inner calm you desire to feel, look, and be your best.

Sustainable weight loss from the inside out.

It’s designed to provide you with a clear path, proven plan, specific action steps, and unmatchable accountability and support needed to transform your mindset, belief systems, self-talk, habits, and nutrition behaviors – the key elements that need to change – in route to significant, sustainable weight loss.

Our five core pillars of sustainable weight loss include:


Self-Talk, Positive Psychology, and Mindset Shift


Emotional Awareness and Management (Emotional Intelligence)


Behavior Change and Habit Formation


Sustainable Nutrition Strategies


Strong Community Support

Oh, and once you join our Community you’re in for life.


The Core Elements of The 5% Community


A hand-crafted individual nutrition blueprint created by a registered dietitian who's helped nearly 1,500 one-on-one clients collectively lose 10,000+ pounds and keep it off.

From day one, you and I will work closely (meaning you’ll have ownership of this, which supports stronger adherence and success) to build your individualized nutrition blueprint (plan) that is rooted in individualization, simplicity, and flexibility.


We’ll then spend the first two to four weeks supporting you in gaining mastery level comfortability and confidence in understanding and executing your individualized nutrition plan.

Click here for a brief video overview of the individualized nutrition blueprint you’ll receive!


Lifetime access to our Netflix-style library of transformational online content designed to foster a complete shift in your self-talk, belief systems, habits, and results while helping you to lose the weight and keep it off, but also feel, look, and be your best self.

You’ll receive a personalized roadmap instructing you which courses to complete and in which order so that you can immediately solve some of your biggest head- (and heart!) aches and quickly experience several wins!


Lifetime access to 1:1 Coaching with both myself and our Team of Coaches.

Myself and our coaches are readily available to support you in a more intimate setting. We open our schedules up for 1:1 Zoom Coaching calls to further help you conquer challenges, answer your questions, or provide the nudge, accountability, or tough love you need to keep taking action in the direction of your goals.


Plus, you can always privately message us within our Community at any time.


Access to a tight-knit Community of like-minded, goal-oriented, hardworking women who share similar diet histories, challenges, frustrations, and goals, and, like you, have said enough is enough and taken the plunge to prioritize themselves once and for all!

We use the application Slack (not a Facebook group!) to host our incredible Community.


Weekly live coaching calls and Q&A sessions for further education, personal development, coaching, and Community connection!

Each week we host a live coaching call that focuses on one of our core elements of sustainable weight loss. The energy on these calls is unmatchable and it’s an excellent opportunity to plug-in to a community of like-minded individuals to reinvigorate yourself. Plus, you’ll walk away with tangible action steps to apply to your life so you can level up in that particular area.


Replays are readily available in both video and audio (think podcast) formats.


Direct access to and learning from two sustainable weight loss specialists who've helped 2,000+ women just like you transform their lives inside and out.

It’s invaluable to have a coach in your corner as he or she can help you see what you cannot and open your eyes, mind, and heart to new ways of thinking and doing. Now, imagine this value when you have two experienced professionals in your corner…


Replays are readily available in both video and audio (think podcast) formats.

That’s what you get with The 5% Community!

All of the above and more are yours for life once you join The 5% Community…


When asked to describe her 5% Community experience in her own words, Rena said: “Habit-forming & life-changing. The 5% community isn’t a “magic pill” or your typical “weight loss journey” - it’s a journey that teaches you a lot about yourself, self-reflection, growing as an individual, and has taught me that you first have to be open to the possibilities of changing - do the work, the results will come. Again no magic pill, lots of education and learning.”

She continues… “I have changed so much (for the better). I’ve realized through the content within the community that I was my “own worst enemy” - I needed to reflect on so many different areas of my life in order to reach my end result which wasn’t just to lose weight it was to sustain it long term.”


When asked to describe her 5% Community experience in her own words, Chloe said, “Empowering, because I finally feel like I have control over my weight and getting there with my self-talk. Enlightening, because once I started getting into my "why" I learned so much about myself, my fears, my childhood traumas, my wants and needs. Valuable, yes, it's "expensive," but what I'm saving in the long run on my health, both physical and mental, is priceless.”

Since joining, Chloe has lost 14+ pounds, maintained her weight loss during a BUSY tax season (she’s an accountant who routinely gained 10 - 15 pounds during this time), and has undergone a total transformation inside and out!


Lindsay is a busy 43-year-old OBGYN and mother of two who previously made very little time for herself, relied too much on food and the occasional drink to manage her stress and emotions, and always saw her weight yo-yo up and down. Since joining The 5% Community, she’s lost 20 pounds and kept it off with ease while also experience a complete transformation in her relationship with food and her relationship with self-care and herself.

In Lindsay’s words, “I am 100% more aware of my reactions to stress and food intake. I recognize now when I have negative self-talk and can quickly get my mindset in check.”

Everything we do in The 5% Community is aimed at helping you become one of The 5 Percent…

  • A woman who is confident, in control, and possesses immense inner calm as she navigates her day.
  • A woman in control of her food choices and comfortable in any food-centric situation - whether she’s navigating a meal out, social occasion, or eating in her own home - and unphased by the temptations she encounters on a daily basis.
  • A woman who radiates positivity and joy, which enables her to have a more positive impact on all she interacts with because she’s learned the benefit of putting herself first on the priority list.
  • A woman who is unaffected by the number she sees on the scale because she’s incredibly clear on how she wants to feel and has appropriately aligned her actions to make those feelings her reality.

Imagine this for a minute…

  • You no longer catch yourself diet-hopping every few weeks because for the first time (ever!?) you feel as if you’ve built a framework of eating that is unique to your preferences and simple to follow: hello, sustainable.
  • You no longer feel like you’re always dieting - you have developed a unique, simple, sustainable way of eating that you truly can see yourself adhering to for the rest of your life.
  • You no longer feel the urge or need to add in a cardio session or skip a meal after indulging in a celebratory meal or seeing a higher number on the scale than your previous weigh-in. Your reaction to the number is neutral and your relationship with the scale is, too.
  • You indulge in a delicious dessert shared with you - and the voice inside your head doesn’t berate you or fat-shame you, rather, applauds you for mindfully enjoying the meal and the present company, and empowers you to get right back on track at your next meal.
  • Your next diet truly becomes your last diet because you’ve built a foundation of habits that empower you to confidently maintain weight without missing out on life’s special moments and delicious foods.

And, even more, the confidence you begin to regularly feel in your food choices, body, relationship with the scale, and self have a tremendously positive trickle effect into other areas of your life, namely your relationships with your significant other, your children, and friends, your personal growth aspirations, and your career…

All of these are possible (and so much more) when you join The 5% Community!

Ana Killings

Ana, a 41-year-old mother, lost 21 pounds iover two years and now maintains her new low weight with ease!


Evelyn lost 37 pounds in two years and is now thriving as her most confident self!

Dana Klose

Dana successfully lost 15 pounds and transformed her relationship with food!


Morgan, lost 23 pounds in two years and has learned how to keep it off!


Katie lost 14 pounds in 12 weeks and hasn’t seen those 14 pounds again!


Kailtin lost 22 pounds in 16 weeks and has effortlessly maintained her weight with confidence!

How it Works and Next Steps

If you feel The 5% Community is exactly what you need to achieve sustainable weight loss and truly feel your best, click the button above or below to schedule a call with Registered Dietitian and Founder, Paul Salter.

Paul has worked one-on-one with more than 1,500 men and women one-on-one since 2013, helping them to collectively lose 10,000+ pounds of body fat and keep it off. More importantly, however, he’s empowered them with the knowledge, confidence, and tools to help them feel, look, and be their best.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and SO MUCH TO GAIN by jumping on a call with Paul.


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Reach out to Paul directly via email (paul @ and he’ll gladly accommodate you the best he can ASAP.

This is an application-only Community. You’ll receive a short application to complete after booking your call.


We want to make sure that not only we’re a perfect fit for you (we will tell you if we’re not!), but also that you’re a perfect fit for us because it’s important that we protect the integrity of our Community and culture to continue to nurture our environment of unmatchable support and accountability.

Remember, you’re only one conversation, one decision, or one introduction away from changing your life…