We help busy women who've been stuck in the yo-yo diet cycle for at least five years regain confidence, love themselves, and lose 20 pounds of body fat - for good.


Do You Feel…

  • Overwhelmed trying to find the perfect diet?
  • Controlled by food and your diet brain (versus being in control and at peace with food)?
  • Anxious thinking about dining out and navigating food choices at social occasions?
  • Defeated when trying to lose weight and keep it off (but also trying to enjoy your favorite foods)?
  • Guilty when indulging in your favorite foods?
  • Like there's no time in the day to care for yourself?

And like you have you tried every diet, app, and coaching program out there without any sustainable results to speak of?

You're not alone.

You're not doomed.

You're in the right place.

We've helped thousands of busy women just like you who felt this way, too.

They joined The 5% Community and transformed themselves inside and out for the better!

Real Moms, Real Results!


Ana, lost a total of 21 pounds!


Charlotte, lost a total of 22 pounds!


Katy, lost a total of 45 pounds!


Marissa, lost a total of 40 pounds!


Adrianna, lost a total of 18 pounds!


Evelyn, lost a total of 37 pounds!

What The 5% Community Is


The 5 Percent Community is our 12-month signature psychology-based sustainable weight-loss experience and transformational program.

It's designed to help you not only lose 20 pounds of body fat - FOR GOOD - but to empower you with the self-confidence, self-love, and self-belief you desire (and deserve) to feel, look, and be your best.


The 5% Community provides you with a clear path, proven plan, specific action steps, and unmatchable accountability and support needed to transform your mindset, belief systems, self-talk, habits, and nutrition behaviors - the key elements that need to change - in route to significant, sustainable weight loss.

Sustainable weight loss from the inside out - that's The 5 Percent way!

What's Included


Receive a hand-crafted individual nutrition blueprint (plan) -created by a registered dietitian just for you - designed to help you confidently, comfortably, and effortlessly eat to feel, look, and be your best (without having to remain married to MyFitnessPal)!


Gain instant access to our proven online transformational curriculum to immediately begin fostering a complete shift in your relationship with food and your relationship with yourself as you take action toward losing those 20 pounds (or more) for good.


1:1 Coaching and Accountability to help you problem solve and get out of your own way so that you can unlearn those habits holding you back and begin building the ones that serve you. This includes weekly check-ins and two 1:1 coaching calls per month.


Access to a tight-knit Community of like-minded, goal-oriented, hardworking women who share similar diet histories, challenges, frustrations, and goals, and, like you, have said enough is enough and taken the plunge to prioritize themselves once and for all!


Weekly live community coaching calls and Q&A sessions for further education, personal development, coaching, and Community connection (plus immediate access to our library of 150+ past calls)!


Plus, you'll get VIP access to live meet-ups and our annual 5% Live event in Tampa, Florida every October!

Real Moms, Real Results!


Barbie, lost more than 40 pounds!


Danielle, lost 12 pounds!


Allison, lost 22 pounds!


Meet Your Coaches

Hey! I'm Paul Salter.

I'm a Registered Dietitian and Sustainable Weight-Loss Expert.

I've personally coached 2,500+ women like you to achieve permanent weight loss and ever-growing confidence.

I help women like you who have been stuck in the vicious yo-yo dieting cycle for at least five years not only learn how to lose at least 20 pounds - for good - but also fall in love with yourself again so that you can feel, look, and be your best.

If this is you - look no further and keep reading👇

I take an unconventional approach to helping you exit the weight loss-regain cycle for good by first focusing on helping you learn to love yourself again while we work to bolster your confidence and self-esteem.



Registered Dietitian MS, RD, CSCS



Head Coach

Hey, I'm Caelli - pronounced "Kelly."

I was a previous one-on-one client of Paul and a member of The 5% Community. While working with Paul, I've lost more than 50 pounds and kept it off for good for five years and counting.

I'm a mom of two and a former 13-year Police Officer and hold three certifications as a Specialist in Change Psychology and Behavior via Precision Nutrition.

I'm your Head Coach in The 5% Community and my goal is to help you get out of your own way and follow through on the promises you make to yourself so that you can feel and look your best!

Join Today!


The investment to join The 5% Community is $275 per month and the entire curriculum and coaching experience is designed to achieve all of the above within 12 months (though you'll begin experiencing rapid changes right away).

We offer a 14-day free trial when you get started.

If you join The 5% Community, give it a fair shot - remember, it should feel different.

If you're not in love with the Coaching and Community during this period, just email me requesting a full refund and I will give you a FULL refund.


No questions asked.

For $9.16 per day, I'll not only teach you how and help you lose the weight you've been trying to lose for more than five years, but I'll also empower you to regain your confidence and love yourself like never before!



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Committed AF


(save $100 when you commit to 3 months.
A monthly payment of $275 begins on day 90)


P.S. One final word.

We know how you feel.

We know you feel…

  • Overwhelmed trying to find the perfect diet
  • Defeated - and like a failure - when trying to achieve your desired body weight
  • Ashamed of how you look (and what you have yet to accomplish despite trying for so long)
  • Angry, frustrated, betrayed, and misled by the diet industry and past coaching experiences

It's time to walk a different path to experience different results.

You can't change unless you change.

You have nothing to lose.

You have 14 days to determine if this is a great fit for you (we already know it's what you want and need)

Real Moms, Real Results!


Dana, lost a total of 18 pounds!


Kailtin,lost a total of
22 pounds!


Morgan, lost a total of 23 pounds!