Sustainable Weight Loss From the Inside Out (with The 5% Community)

The 5% Community

Have you heard about the tight-knit Community of high-achieving women who are finally taking a stand against the lies and misinformation the Diet Industry has fed them for countless years?

The Community of women who have committed to consistently working to be the best version of themselves and taking back control of their relationship with food, dieting, and the pain-in-the-ass scale so that they can reclaim their confidence, control, and inner calm?

These women are members of The 5% Community, our signature sustainable weight-loss transformational coaching program and experience.

What is The 5 Percent Community?

It’s our 12-month, signature sustainable weight-loss experience and transformational program designed to help you not only achieve your weight loss goal for good, but to empower you with the confidence, control, and inner calm you desire to feel, look, and be your best.

Sustainable weight loss from the inside out.

It’s designed to provide you with a clear path, proven plan, specific action steps, and unmatchable accountability and support needed to transform your mindset, belief systems, self-talk, habits, and nutrition behaviors – the key elements that need to change – in route to significant, sustainable weight loss.

In today’s episode, Paul and Micheala discuss The 5% Community in detail and share behind-the-scenes details to help those of you listeners curious to learn more, as well as those of you sitting on the fence about applying to join, be better informed to take the next step to join our Community.

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Key Highlights

  • Learn how and why The 5% Community was born, and why Paul knew he couldn’t go about his life’s mission alone.
  • Learn the meaning behind the name “The 5% Community” and why Paul and Micheala take this so seriously
  • Learn the detailed behind the core elements of this 12-month transformational program and experience
  • Learn how Paul and Micheala infuse one-on-one coaching into this life-changing coaching and community experience
  • Discover how Paul and Micheala plant the seeds for and nourish your sustainable weight loss transformation from the inside out

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Paul Salter:

Welcome back to another episode of the 5% Way Podcast. I am your host in registered dietician, Paul Salter, and joined yet again by my wonderful co-host, Micheala.

Micheala Barsotti:

Hello guys, back again.

Paul Salter:

Yes. And today we wanted to spend some time discussing detailing and clarifying our signature sustainable loss transformation program, otherwise known as the 5% community. And the purpose of today’s episode is to share a little bit more about, of course, the nuts and bolts, and what’s taking place behind the scenes. Once you are in fact invited to join the 5% community, but we also really want to share a bit more about, what is it that do, why do we do it? And how we do it? So that by the end of this episode, you have obviously a very thorough understanding of what the 5% community entails as well as what Micheala and I do to really foster your transformational results, but also have a great understanding and more so, a feel about whether this would be a potential perfect it for you.

Should you find yourself in a position really struggling to not only achieve sustainable weight loss, but really to reclaim that level of confidence control since certainty and inner calm, or just struggling to feel your best and want to feel better. I think the best way to really dive right into this episode is to actually describe what it is we do, who we help.

So with that said, the 5% community is specifically designed to cater, to helping high achieving women frustrated with the dieting industry and feeling stuck in the yo-yo dieting cycle to reclaim their confidence, their control, their inner calm, so that they may not only achieve sustainable weight loss, but truly feel, look, and be their best. And the way we do this is quite different than most of the other coaches, companies, apps, plans, and diets out there as we really work on fostering your sustainable transformation from the inside out. And before I begin sharing more about… Obviously this is very close to my heart and close to the best, but I would love to get your perspective Micheala. How would you describe the 5% community to someone listening to this episode?

Micheala Barsotti:

Yeah, well, I think you did a great job describing it, but I would say that it’s a community of like-minded people. You’re being held accountable, you feel supported, you’re never alone on your journey, which is just so important. And it’s really being able to say goodbye to the constant dieting attempts and learning what it takes and all the tools that you need to truly keep the weight off for good. It really as I’m like, everything else that’s out there. And I can vouch for that because I’ve tried a lot of those things and nothing worked.

Paul Salter:

Yeah. You and me both. I feel like… I can never say I’ve seen it all, I feel like someone I interacted on a weekly basis presents something new to me. I’m like, what the fuck is that diet? I’ve never even heard of such a thing. But hey, people are creative and they’re all selling the same thing, a calorie deficit and a guaranteed return to being in the same position three, maybe six months later because you didn’t truly learn how to keep the weight off.

And what I’ll add too is… For me, what really, really lights me up when it comes to everything we do with the 5% ecosystem, but the 5% community as a whole is really utilizing sustainable weight loss as a lens to view our emotions, our thoughts, and self talk and our behaviors and how we can align them in a way that helps us to feel, look and be our very best. Best, excuse me, because one of the biggest, if not the most frequent and actual biggest obstacle, we all face to losing weight, keeping it all feeling better, being better, looking better is ourselves.

It’s self sabotaging behaviors and where we spend so much time really from day one in the 5% community, is giving you the insight, education, knowledge, and knowhow related to understanding the origin of these self-sabotaging behaviors. And whether that looks like a really mean nasty inner critic, negative self-talk, toxic thoughts, limiting beliefs, or just simply counterproductive behaviors and habits. We really put this on your radar very early on, because we found when you can bring awareness to one of those main culprits and then work to change it. So that now your thoughts, your self talk, beliefs, actions, habits, begin working for you rather than against you. All the nutrition stuff kind of just falls into place. The weight falls off, it stays off and life is just freaking good. And that’s what we really want you to experience.

Micheala Barsotti:


Paul Salter:

So the way that we really like to educate on all things, sustainable weight loss is we view everything we do through a lens of simplicity. And one of the ways we accomplish that is you’ll hear me say this word a thousand times on one of the live coaching calls in the 5% community, is buckets or organizational structure. And the way that we operate is we break everything down into the four core elements of sustainable weight loss, which are emotional intelligence, mindset shift and positive psychology, behavior change strategy and breaking patterns, and sustainable nutrition strategies. So Micheala, tell our listeners a little bit more about sustainable nutrition strategies. We know, what do we really work to foster create and share with them to help them build that sustainable foundation of healthy eating habits?

Micheala Barsotti:

Yeah, well, for starters, like you said, everything is individualized. So the approach that you take can be very different than what somebody else comes into the community. It’s not just this cookie cutter or one size fits all program. We have a very extensive questionnaire that you fill out and go through, but it’s for a reason so that we can really help you create a plan that works for your lifestyle or your preferences, that’s what we’re all about. And again, simplicity. So we want it to be very simple for you. There’s so much information floating around out there with nutrition that it can be super overwhelming and we really just help you bring it back to simplicity and to realize that it doesn’t have to be that challenging. And then, the ultimate goal of sustainability, which if you have those first two, it’s going to be much more sustainable because you’re going to enjoy the process. So those three things we really focus on from day one.

Paul Salter:

And you hit the nail in the head, like your first to do, if you will, piece of homework, if you will, is getting that questionnaire done, we start working on your plan. And in the meantime, you’re scheduling a call with, yours, truly Micheala, getting the onboarding taken care of, and we’re getting that blueprint built for you as soon as possible. And we’ll elaborate more on that a little bit later in this episode. And I really want to shift now to kind of the second core element, which I listed being mindset shift in positive psychology. And I think this is the area I’m finding myself more and more excited about of those four, because I’ve seen it manifest in my life over and over and in that is the everything I dream of, desire wish to accomplish or want to happen, it all begins in my mind in some way, shape or form. And that’s the true for every single human being out there.

And it’s because of the significant, positive or negative downstream effect our self-talk has in shaping both our identity and our reality, and the way that we like to teach this is… In the framework of planting and nourishing the right seeds in your mind, because your self-talk influences your thought patterns. And if you give a thought enough time a day, and attach an emotion to it, well now it is elevated into a belief, and beliefs, thoughts, absolutely influence the actions you take. And we all know that an action done repeatedly is otherwise known as a habit and is your habits that shape your outcome and your results, which ultimately influence your identity and shape your entire reality.

So we quickly expose you to strategic doses of mindset shift and positive psychology work. So you can quickly begin making some subtle, yet incredibly powerful and transformational mindset shifts that help prepare you to best align your actions with the outcome you are seeking, which for most people in the community is sustainable weight loss, but also so much more to that.

And then the third component we really like to focus on and the way this shows up in our community, by the way, is on live coaching calls in the online curriculum. And then just in the everyday community conversation and engagement, but core pillar number three is behavior change strategy and breaking patterns. And Micheala, I know this one is a little near and dear to your heart. It’s always the one that lights you up the most. So tell the listeners a bit more about what we really help community members accomplish, learn and create when it comes to changing behaviors.

Micheala Barsotti:

Well, I think, again, going back to our core focuses of simplicity and sustainability, it’s focusing on the little things and doing them over and over again, and we help you execute those little things. And we have a lot of different tools and resources that we use with our members to help them create those habits and make it a lot more automatic for you so that you’re using less brain power for them. And even some of the bad or negative habits that you have, we help you reverse and break those really and turn them into good habits.

Paul Salter:

Yeah, absolutely. And you’re going to find if you’re… If you’re someone listening to this episode, clearly, personal development or self-growth, or learning are near and dear to your heart, which is, hey, by the way, you’re already a great candidate for the 5% community, because that’s something we truly cherish because it’s a huge part of the community and transformational experience. But in the world of habit development, behavior change, habit construction and deconstruction, there’s a million and one different methods. But I can confidently to tell you between Micheala and I, we have years and years, decades of experience of trial and error, we read all of the books, read the research and we don’t teach any one certain way. We continue to meet you where you are at. We share with you what we think is probably the best framework to help you conceptualize habit formation and deconstruction.

And there are many models we use. So whether you’re familiar with Charles Duhigg’s, The Power of Habit, Dr. BJ fogg’s, Tiny Habits, James clear’s, Atomic Habits. we are very well-versed in all things habits. And we like to bring the most concise, yet powerful pieces of information and strategy to help meet you where you’re at and to help you develop a framework or working concept of habit formation that helps you actually change the habits that you wish to change, because that’s the only thing that matters. Such great books too, by the way, but I digress.

Micheala Barsotti:

Oh God.

Paul Salter:

The last element, of course, is emotional intelligence, or emotional awareness and management. And this one is probably the second one, and I’m growing more and more excited about this, is I learn more in this particular field because you’ve probably heard me talk on social media quite a bit lately. Everything we do and we aspire to seek he accomplished is rooted in chasing an emotion or a collection of feelings.

And the example I like to share that will never get old. As when people come to me and they say like, “I want to weigh 145 pounds.” Arbitrary example. And has really nothing to do with the number on this scale. They think back to a time they weighed that much and they were happy in life. And what we really are able to find after unpacking this question about a bit deeper in their answer is like at that time in their life, they felt confident, they felt in control, certain, joyous, grateful, serenity, inner peace, and calm. And now they don’t have as many of those feelings or characteristics in their life. And the way they can anchor a time in which they actually had those present is by anchoring to a weight. And if we strip away the weight more often than not, we can find if we get really, really clear on the feelings that we wish to feel more regularly, we can better align our actions to actually experience those feelings much sooner rather than later.

And I can’t tell you how many times, and literally I’ve worked one on one with nearly 1500 people over the years, someone sets an arbitrary weight goal of relative to them, of course. Let’s say, losing 20 pounds and they get to the 12 pound mark and they’re like, “Yeah. I’m good. I don’t really need to lose anymore. I feel really good.” And that’s because they have started to shift their thoughts, improve their relationship with food, better manage and recognize their emotions to actually move in the direction of feeling the feelings that they are chasing. And that’s really powerful because now it creates an opportunity to detach from the scale, detach from food, dieting all the above and just simply live life presently and to the fullest. So that really concludes kind of the four element overview of all that we’re about.

And if you like the word holistic, that’s exactly what this is. We’re huge proponents of the dieting and sustainable weight loss are about so much more. And the fucking food you put in your mouth, there really is an emotional, a psychological and a behavioral component that absolutely needs to be addressed because human beings are incredibly resilient and incredibly capable of doing hard things for short periods of time, such as following 30, 60 day or 90 day diets transformations, following exactly what an app or a meal plan says. But last time I checked those don’t breed sustainability because if they did, we would not have an obesity epidemic and here we are.

And the next thing I really find important and fascinating to share, which is in an integral reason as to why Micheala and I are both here on this call is what really… I think stands out from our experience in relation to our ability to support coach and help you achieve the results you desire is just how great we are at integration. And meaning your integration is this process of helping you to ascend from a state of knowing what to do, to consistently doing it, to then eventually truly becoming it and embodying it.

And the reason that we are so good at this process of integration, is we’ve just simply put in the fucking work and the repetition after repetition and Micheala, I think it’s a great time to re remind the listeners a bit more about your experience and background when it comes to helping people take what they know or teach them what they need to know, help them to consistently apply it in a way that is simple and sustainable and eventually become whatever it is they are working toward.

Micheala Barsotti:

Yeah. I mean, this it’s funny because when I back to… And we’ve talked about this before, when I think back to when I first started coaching people, they’d come to me with a plan. I want to lose weight and I’m like, all right, let’s do it. And we would just… We’d start dieting and we’d start doing it, but we never tapped into all these other areas. And it wasn’t until honestly I went through it myself because I’ve had goals to myself where I learned how important. I’ve always known the nutrition education. That’s never been an issue for myself even, but it I never worked on the self-sabotaging behaviors. I had my negative self-talk and all these other areas that are just so, so important.

So for myself as a coach and where I really started to level up my coaching game was when I started to focus more with clients, not necessarily what they’re doing. I think it’s always funny too. Clients are like, “Oh, you want to see what I ate today?” And I’m like, I don’t really care necessarily. Not that I don’t care, but about every little food that you put in your mouth, I care more about how you eat or why you eat it or, right? Again, peeling back those layers and uncovering there, it’s so much more than just the food that you’re eating and we really tap into that.

Paul Salter:

Yeah, absolutely. And it’s so cool that you get to bring to the table your experience from not only your own nutrition degree in background and all your continued education, but then your expertise and experience coaching people from the fitness realm, the nutrition realm, and then learning through your own struggles at time like, it is so much more about what I eat and how I move. Like I have to go deeper. And from that own self-discovery and journey of hardship to triumph and success. Now you’re just… For lack of better words, fucking on fire and how you’re helping people get the results they desire, who unintentional rhyme at a much quicker pace than anyone maybe even expected, which is just simply phenomenal. And when you can start stacking tiny wind quicker and quicker, you build a huge wave of positive momentum that we will support you in writing out until that wave finally dissipates in which we’ll just help you create another one very, very soon after.

Micheala Barsotti:

Yup, for sure.

Paul Salter:

Yeah. Really love it. So let’s do the listeners and actual favor here and discuss the actual core elements, the nuts in bolts, if you will, of the 5% community, because this is one of the most common questions I get in my Instagram DMs, as I know you do like, I’ve heard a little about the 5% community, but can you tell me what is it, like what’s actually going on in there? Is it even a thing? What is it like? So, I like to… Again, going back to simplicity and buckets, bucket the community into four buckets, and the first one is kind of what Micheala and I alluded to earlier is us working closely with you literally from day one to build out your individualized nutrition blueprint. So this tangible byproduct of this process, and communication is a literal framework of your foundation of healthy eating habits, rooted in simplicity, you, your lifestyle, your preferences, your schedule, your goal, your weird eating tendencies, behaviors, desires, et cetera.

And it’s a framework that will literally serve you the rest of your life. The only thing you’ll ever need to change is simply the amount of food on your plate based on what your current or short term goal is related to weight change. If you even have one, otherwise like the framework lives on forever if you let it, because it’s so rooted in you. And that’s why Micheala kind of said with a big smile on her face that you guys can’t see when talking about the nutrition questionnaire. Like, yeah. Our nutrition questionnaire is in depth as shit. It’s the most extensive questionnaire you probably will ever create or be asked to complete in your life. But it’s for good reason. We want to know you inside and out so we can help you deliver or achieve the transformation from the inside out. And that starts with feeling confident, feeling in control, feeling like it’s doable when it comes to your food plan, your nutrition, blueprint, whatever it is you want to call it. Anything to add on that Micheala?

Micheala Barsotti:

No, it really is individualized. I mean, like you, that questionnaire that you fill out is you tell us what your day looks like. And then we help you create your nutrition plan based on what your day looks like. So rather than adapting your life to a nutrition plan, like most of the plans out there, we really adapt the plan to your life, which is what makes it sustainable.

Paul Salter:

Yeah, absolutely. And then I could talk your ear off, but I won’t, I’ll worry about all of the resources, cheat sheets, and guides, and how-to videos we have to support you in, really beginning to grow comfortable and confident, both understanding and implementing your blueprint. But hey, I’ll save that for you when you’re actually inside the community.

So the second part I would love to talk about is our online vault of transformational and therapeutic content, which comes presented to you and packaged nicely in the form of an online course platform known as our 12R Method to Sustainable Weight Loss. And this is a complete self-paced course, and which we really encourage you to commit to completing one lesson per week, which is about 45 minutes of time between the video component and the follow-up action steps.

And it’s here that we really do a deep dive into self-awareness bringing specific clarity to the origin of some of those self-sabotaging behaviors we mentioned earlier, so that we can help you work through some of your most troublesome points of contention, whether that be your self talk, your toxic thoughts, limiting beliefs, whatever it is that’s holding you back from actually implementing what you know you’re supposed to already be doing and getting you the results you desire and deserve.

So this course is really where the magic happens, this is where the dot connection, the aha moments and the oh shit I’ve been doing it wrong, this is how I should have approached this, moments really happen, it’s here. We’re going to help you rewire your thoughts and really up level your belief system, reframe your relationship and rebuild your relationship with whether it’s food, dieting, not dieting, the scale.

We’re going to help teach you like you’re your own nutrition coach how, when, why, and what to do to make adjustments to your nutrition blueprint to initiate and complete a diet, as well as a post diet weight maintenance phase, we’re going to help you reshape your habits and so much more are in weekly doses of one to two lessons at your own pace.

And the third element is our wonderful community, which Micheala does a fantastic job heading up all things engagement, coaching, transformational support in there. So Micheala, I’m going to put the ball in your court for this one. Tell the listeners a bit more about our community, what it entails and all of the magic it has created for us.

Micheala Barsotti:

Oh gosh. Where do I begin? So, I mean, just saying the power of community, like surrounding yourself with people that are like-minded individuals, that are on similar paths to you and similar goals, whether you have a struggle or you want to share a win, you have like these cheerleaders that are just there for you. Or maybe you have somebody to connect with you when you are having a bad day or you’re going through a struggle, these people are just like you. And so you can really relate to them and you just feel like you’re not alone, like I mentioned it earlier. So there’s so much power to that.

And we use a Slack platform. So we have many different conversation channels as we like to call them, but where we kind of filter all of our conversations, but it’s really just, you have access, whether it be to us, coaches, at any point of time, and then to the community as well, where I mean, everyone in our community, we have such a close knit community. We’re so lucky. But everybody’s like friends, they’re always just chatting it up in there. And it’s just so great to be a part of.

Paul Salter:

Yeah, it really is. And when you surround yourself with like-minded people, it’s truly an accelerant when it comes to reaching your goals, because everyone here, I briefly mentioned, I didn’t clarify, like it is truly an invitation-only community. We obviously, you will talk you through this at the end here, but like you go through an application process, jump on a call with me to make sure you’re a good fit for us and we are a good fit for you. But with everyone in this community, like high achiever, wants the best out of themselves, is willing to do the work and is not afraid to share their struggles, to ask for help, et cetera.

And that just really, when you have a community that fosters support, and safety, and being vulnerable, oh my goodness, it removes the feelings of isolation and hopelessness that typically come with inconsistency and lack of results. And therefore, actually replaces that with excitement, inspiration, action taking, and the results you desire. And here’s a real cool study I always like to reference here related to community and just the power of it. So there’s a study conducted in the New England Journal of Medicine that found that your chance of becoming or remaining either overweight or obese exponentially increases if someone in your close circle is.

And over a 32-year period, researchers followed a huge handful of people and found that a person’s chance of becoming obese increased by 57% if a close friend became obese in that timeframe, or if your sibling became obese, same thing, if your spouse became obese. So I don’t share this example to illustrate the overweight and obesity statistics more so just the power of community, because what if you surrounded yourself with people who are doing the things they know they’re supposed to be doing, even when they don’t feel like it. how inspiring is that? How motivating is that?

And another study I always like to reference too, and I promise I’m not trying to intentionally cherry pick. These are just ones that they really moved me when I read them, because they’re so disappointing in terms of just the results that are taking place due to just not having your people in your corner. And this one was out of Stanford University. It was just as survey in 2012, that found 75% of women report either, and I’m using air quotes, never, or rarely experience social or familial support during their weight loss endeavors. Like what if you had a whole community of people rooting you the fuck on two experts, sustainable weight loss specialist in your corner, every step of the way, how successful would your journey be? If you had people there rooting for you picking you up when you were down, building you up, keeping you motivated, yet also challenging you and kicking you in the on occasion.

It’s a really potent concoction for success and you want success. You want those feelings of confidence, joy, control, inner calm, and uncertainty, and community is a huge, huge, huge advantage and a tool to help you get there faster.

Micheala Barsotti:

Yeah, I think you said it great, but I also just want to point out that often times when we’re struggling with our nutrition or different behaviors that we’re struggling to kick or whatever it might be, these challenges, we don’t always want to dump them on our partners or significant others, right?

Paul Salter:


Micheala Barsotti:

They may come home from work. They’ve had a long day too, they’re stressed or they’ve got their own shit going on. They don’t want to… You don’t want to dump that on them. So you have this safe space where you can… And not that everyone’s just dumping their crap, but you can share whatever you want. There’s a lot of power to that, because you can get it off your chest. People relate to you a hundred percent. You’re not alone there, which makes you feel that much better. So, yeah. That’s important too.

Paul Salter:

Yeah. And to be Frank, some of your friends or your social circle might not get it, they might not get meal prep, PORs from control using the food scale, going to the gym at 5:00 AM, saying no to drinking on occasion or not always relying on fast food. You might not have many people in your physical presence that you interact with on a daily basis that get it. But the online world is a powerful world and surrounding yourself in some capacity, whether it’s engaging regularly in the community or pillar or core element number four, being the live coaching calls and connecting with Micheala and myself and the community members as live as we possibly can on a Zoom call is just as powerful. And this is obviously in a good segue into that.

Every week we have a live coaching call where Micheala and I create an opportunity to bring new information and teaching to you within one of our four core elements of sustainable weight loss, or an opportunity to offer up some one-on-one coaching, for lack of better words and not to put fear in you, maybe put you on the hot seat, see where you’re struggling right now, where do you need the most help, but how can we troubleshoot and proactively problem solve with you?

So we do that on a weekly basis as well. And of course, everything is recorded for those of you who can’t make it live. But the power really lies in the energy of those live calls, connecting with others. We use the breakout rooms, we really get to know one another and that just fosters more safety and vulnerability and confidence and leaning on people when you face those inevitable challenges that come with not only losing weight or trying to keep it off, but just for when aspiring to be better and demanding more of yourself.

Micheala Barsotti:

Yup, for sure. I always leave the coaching calls, even myself, when you’re leading them with just… There’s always a great takeaway or an aha moment, or just something that makes you want to kick about the rest of the week. It’s almost that like midweek reset or like little fire under your butt to keep on going. It’s so good.

Paul Salter:

Absolutely. And I guess, is there anything you think that we missed or is worth mentioning related to just the entire 5% community experience as a whole?

Micheala Barsotti:

Well, we do have. Did you mention our one-on-one office hours?

Paul Salter:

I did not.

Micheala Barsotti:

I don’t think we… So just another form of coaching and accountability you get, is we do have one-on-one office hours. So we have quick connect points where you can schedule a call with Paul or myself, and we could just walk through any trouble that you’re having. Anything that you want to go over. Maybe you just want to say, hi, whatever it might be, this is your opportunity to get that one-on-one touchpoint. And I really think that we give you the best of both worlds because when you join most group coaching programs, or I guess the fear of joining a group coaching program might be that you lose the one-on-one coaching aspect, right? Like you can potentially feel insignificant and not heard in this big pool of people, but what we really do in our program is make sure that you still get that one-on-one attention.

We put so much emphasis on this, making sure that you are seen and heard, and we give you so many opportunities to be able to get that one-on-one connection point with us, that you never are lost. You’re not just one of many, you truly… Like we know you on a first name basis, we check in with you often, you hear from us when you haven’t checked in. And so we follow up, we really do coach you on that one-on-one aspect. Just have the community as a bonus.

Paul Salter:

Incredibly well said. And building off of that, who would you say the 5% community is for? Who’s someone who is truly a great fit who should really consider connecting with us?

Micheala Barsotti:

I always say that it is for those who know what to do, but it’s not working or they’re not following through on it consistently. And let’s be real. That’s pretty much everybody, right? We all know to some degree what we should be doing, but maybe you’re recognizing patterns of negative self-talk or self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors taking place and limiting beliefs that are really keeping you stuck in the vicious cycle, where you’re not able to reach your goals, whether it be lose weight or develop healthier habits, there’s something there that’s not allowing you to be consistent long term, it’s for you. So it’s really it’s for everybody. I mean, we all have barriers we’re trying to get past and the 5% community all about like leveling up your life in all areas. We think it’s just the food that we eat, but it’s everything.

Paul Salter:

Yeah. I mean, we’ve had so many members share, like in every Friday we have our big share your wins. We’re huge proponents of celebrating the wins and successes of others. And we’ve had people share wins completely unrelated to nutrition and fitness, whether it’s improved relationships, marriages, crushing new goals at work, leaving jobs to go off on their own, start their dream, their passion project, turning it into a job, asking for a race, showing up more confidently at work, going back to school, getting or aspiring to accomplish or achieve additional certifications in their line of work.

It’s just so incredibly powerful when you can really build a framework and foundation of healthy eating in line with you and how you want to feel when you can develop a relationship with food, with dieting, with the scale that is empowering or neutral and non-judgmental, because it just frees up so much space for all of the other fun things in life where you can attack them with tenacity, with confidence, control, positivity, joy, and just the certainty that you’re going to achieve whatever it is you desire because you have this foundation of all back on. And of course in this instance, you have a wonderful community to fall back on.

Micheala Barsotti:

Yeah. And it really takes a strong person to see past those short term goals and gains and do the hard work, like the unsexy stuff, where it’s like… We talk about it a lot that we have to work through these self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors and your negative self-talk. We always mention that. So if you follow us on social, you hear us talk about it often, but that’s not what people want to do. They think like, “Oh, I already know that stuff.” But when you really take a step back, burn down your ego and realize this is the ticket to sustainable weight loss. It’s this right here.

Paul Salter:

Boom. Yeah. So incredibly well said. And like we mentioned now to kind of put a bow on this fantastic conversation and discussion is, the 5% community is in application or invitation only community and transformational program. And if this episode jived with you, if it lit you up, if it made you question all of your past attempts, you have nothing to lose filling out the quick application and jumping on a call with me to learn even more about what wasn’t shared in this episode, though we were quite thorough and detailed about the community to give myself the opportunity to answer any questions you have. And of course, I know many of you who are having a feeling of positivity and we are resonating with you. You want to know more about the structure and the call, so let us make sure that we share that with you as transparently as possible.

So this is a 12 month coaching and community program and transformational experience that gives you 12 month access to the community, lifetime access to all of the curriculum, curriculum updates, et cetera, you get the coaching replays in there too. Of course the individualized nutrition blueprint created for you, right from the very beginning. And that 12 month transformational experience is just the single price of $3,000 with an additional, or with no additional cost. Excuse me, for any payment plan option. We want this to be a no-brainer hassle-free, fuck yes, kind of decision. So we’re willing to work with you every step of the way to make sure you can feel confident about putting yourself a top of the priority list so that you can truly feel, look, and be your very best.

And if again, this episode that this is really jiving with you, your next step is simply to visit the show notes, click that application link in the show notes to apply. And you’ll see, as soon as you complete our quick application, you’ll be brought to a page in which you can go ahead and book a call, choose the date and time that works best for you to connect with me, to discuss whether or not it is a perfect fit for you. And you are a perfect fit for us. Anything else you want to add here at the end, Micheala?

Micheala Barsotti:

No, I think that was perfect.

Paul Salter:

Wonderful. Well, thank you so much for listening to this episode. We hope you walked away with not only a clear understanding of what the heck the 5% community is, but again, if this jived with you don’t hold off on this feeling. Take action now. You’ve got nothing to lose. Just simply booking a call with myself to learn more about it, to see if it truly is something that can give you the feelings that you desire. And if you think that this episode would resonate with someone we would greatly appreciate you sharing with him or her. You can simply share the episode with him or her. You can connect us on Instagram. Both of our Instagram and bios profiles are hyperlinked in the show notes below as well. And with that said, we really thank you for listening. We hope you do have a phenomenal rest of your day. We also secretly hope to see you in the 5% community very soon too.

Until next time, we will talk to you soon.

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Paul Salter is a Registered Dietitian and Founder of The 5% Way. Since 2013, Paul has worked one-on-one with nearly 1,500 men and women, helping them to collectively lose tens of thousands of pounds of body fat and keep it off for good. He’s also published nearly 1,000 articles, two books, and 175 podcast episodes (and counting) on all things related to our five core elements of sustainable weight loss.



Micheala is a Transformation and Community Success Coach. She specializes in bringing out the absolute best in you and helping you see that you already have everything you need to achieve the transformational results you desire. Micheala will be an incredible asset for you on your journey since she went through the process herself and has seen long lasting results.

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