Delay the Start of Your Diet for Significant, Sustainable Results

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It’s no secret that when we begin a diet we want our results fast – like yesterday kind of fast.

If only…

In his nearly 10 years and 1,500 one-on-one coaching client career, Paul has become known for being the guy that delays the diet timeline in favor of achieving significant, sustainable results.

This approach, what he calls the pre-diet maintenance phase, has been the most influential factor in helping thousands achieve long-term, sustainable results, yet, it’s also the biggest point of conflict and contention when discussing short and long-term plans with his clients.

In today’s episode, listen in as Micheala and Paul enjoy a conversation about the pre-diet maintenance phase, specifically covering the immense value it provides, why Paul believes it’s essential for sustainable results, and how to go about implementing one in your own weight-loss journey. 

Sick of feeling stuck in the weight loss-regain cycle hopping from one diet to the next without lasting results and ready to not only lose the weight and keep it off for good but also become the most confident, loving, and sexy version of yourself who puts her own needs and self-care first…?

You’re not alone. 

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Episode Key Highlights:

  • Learn the importance and purpose of the pre-diet maintenance phase, as well as the optimal time to spend in this phase before dieting. 
  • Discover why Paul believes that the outcome of your diet is determined before you begin.
  • Get a kick out of both Paul and Micheala recounting their past diet experiences and why they wish they’d implemented a pre-diet maintenance phase.
  • Learn common assumptions and false beliefs about the pre-diet maintenance phase that make it easy for many people to skip this valuable phase altogether.

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Paul Salter

Paul Salter is a Registered Dietitian and Founder of The 5% Way. Since 2013, Paul has worked one-on-one with nearly 1,500 men and women, helping them to collectively lose tens of thousands of pounds of body fat and keep it off for good. He’s also published nearly 1,000 articles, two books, and 175 podcast episodes (and counting) on all things related to our five core elements of sustainable weight loss.



Micheala is a Transformation and Community Success Coach. She specializes in bringing out the absolute best in you and helping you see that you already have everything you need to achieve the transformational results you desire. Micheala will be an incredible asset for you on your journey since she went through the process herself and has seen long lasting results.

The Maintain My Weight Loss After A Diet Blueprint

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