[INTERVIEW] Unhappy and Overweight at 10 Years-Old – How Heather Became Her Own Worst Enemy and then Finally Got Out of Her Own Way!

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Meet Heather: a CORE member of The 5% Community best known for her support of others, but also her own inside-out transformation and continuous success since joining.

Heather joined The 5% Community because she was tired of losing weight just to gain it back. She knew what to do in order to lose and maintain my weight, but most of the problem was in her own head. 

She wanted to get a better understanding of that part and change her ways to be the best version of herself!

As a busy mother of two and business owner, Heather still managed to put herself first in many areas, but unfortunately, not in areas that had a high ROI – think: being married to calorie tracking and food logging, and focusing on food and exercise on repeat. Not much else!

With a solid dieting resume and acknowledging she was her own worst enemy, Heather reached a point where she recognized something needed to change and that this time, it was her – and her approach to getting where she wanted to be. 

Can you relate?

Fast-forward to today, and Heather has amassed a long list of transformational, lasting changes inside and out! Not only is she CRUSHING half and full marathons and deadlifting 250+ pounds for reps, but in the past year she’s also…

  • Rebuilt her relationship with food, dieting, and exercise
  • Significantly elevated her self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence
  • Improved her confidence and mental fortitude
  • Elevated positive thinking to her new default (after a long history of operating from a place of negativity)
  • Significantly improved her relationship with the scale, which used to stress her out daily and impact her mood, energy, and self-worth

In today’s episode, Heather shares her transformational story with us, including the challenges, highs, and lows each step of the way! 

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Just like this

Episode Key Highlights:

  • Learn how feeling overweight and unhappy with herself from as far back as 10 set the tone and trajectory for Heather’s relationship with food, dieting, and the scale … and how it shaped who she is today.
  • Discover relatable struggles Heather has with the scale and how it impacted not only her, but her day, and her family.
  • Relate to the tumultuous relationship Heather had with diet and food and how she was often her own worst enemy and harshest critic.
  • Feel inspired by the consistency in her action and willingness to bet on herself to make positive changes by placing one foot forward at a time!

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