7 Lessons I Learned About Life Walking for 12 Hours Straight…

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On August 6, 2022, I took my first steps outside at 5:30 AM with the goal of walking for 12 hours straight.

This experience would be free of:

  • My smartphone
  • Human connection
  • Food
  • And caffeine

But it would be plentiful in pain, discomfort, boredom, and learning…

My reason for embarking on this challenge: to spend time alone through pain and discomfort so that I could have the chance to conquer my inner bitch voice, tune into the stories I told myself that weren’t serving me, and to squash limiting beliefs holding me back from stepping into the next best version of myself. 

This 12-hour endeavor proved to have a profound impact on helping me to quiet the noise of life and connect with the highest version of myself. Listen in to learn the seven key takeaways I had as a result of this experience.
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Episode Key Highlights:

  • Discover the dumb mistake I made the first two hours and the consequence I had to deal with for the remaining 10 hours.
  • Learn why I intentionally made this challenge harder than it needed to be.
  • Learn seven powerful lessons I experience that you can directly apply to your life to become a better version of yourself.
  • Understand how to go about planning your 12-hour walk challenge!

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