Reminder: Information Alone Isn’t Enough. You Still Have to do the Work.


I greatly appreciate you listening to my podcast.

And also appreciate you consuming my posts on social media.

But consuming and accumulating knowledge is easy – everyone can and is doing it.

Those who feel the best and experience the most success, peace, and happiness take action. 

They action.

There’s a famous quote you’ve probably heard: “knowledge is power.”

But this is only half true because real power (and the ability to CHANGE) comes from taking action!

In today’s action, I will share some common pitfalls many seeking weight loss make, why these choices are really a form of procrastination, and inspire you to begin taking action to feeling and looking your best! 

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Paul Salter:

Consuming and accumulating knowledge is so fucking easy. To be frank, I really do applaud you for listening to podcasts, for reading blogs, consuming knowledgeable people’s posts and content on social media. But that consumption and accumulation of knowledge is really easy. And to be really candid, everybody is doing it.

Hey, I’m registered dietician Paul Salter, and you are listening to Screw the Scale Radio. If you’ve been losing and regaining the same 20 pounds and struggling to have a positive relationship with food, and a loving relationship with yourself, you’re in the right place. Ready to get out of your own way and truly feel and look your best? Buckle up as I dive deep beyond the nutritional X’s and O’s, to teach you how to build a massive amounts of self-confidence, self-love and self-trust, so that you can not only lose the weight you desire and keep it all for good, but truly feel your best.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to another episode of Screw the Scale Radio, coming at you, from a brand new office. Really happy to be here. It’s cozy. You can’t see it. I can see it, but we got two bookcases on opposite sides of the room. Some plants, some paintings, some really trippy, colorful, artsy plant, paintings, excuse me. I’m sure I’ll show them eventually on a social media. But it feels good to be settled. Feels good to be settled in a calm environment in which I can really get focused, work, deep creative work done, share nothing but positive transformational energy with you. And that is what I plan to do in today’s episode.

Because today I want to send you a message of gratitude to kick things off. I greatly appreciate you listening to my podcast. And I also genuinely appreciate you consuming my content, thousands and thousands of posts on social media for however long you have been following me.

But I’m also here today, notice the elevation in the volume of my voice to serve up a stark reminder. Consuming and accumulating knowledge is so fucking easy. To be frank, I really do applaud you for listening to podcasts, for reading blogs, consuming knowledgeable people’s posts and content on social media. But that consumption and accumulation of knowledge is really easy. And to be really candid, everybody is doing it. People are addicted to their phones, various platforms of social media. It is easy to listen to podcasts.

Now, reading is on a league of its own. It takes more focused attention and effort. But the point I am trying to make is that information alone is not enough to change the results you have, how you feel, and to step into the identity the person that you desire. There’s a famous quote I am assuming you have heard or are familiar with, and that quote is, “Knowledge is power.”

Well, knowledge is absolutely nothing without action. Action is what creates the sense of power. Action. Consistent action is what breeds feelings of competency and confidence. And you know what’s really fucking powerful, is feeling confident. I would liken it to be the most addictive, sought after drug in the world, is feeling confident. Yet, I have conversations on a daily basis in social media, in my email inbox, people looking for more resources, more freebies, more guides to this, cheat sheets to that. I love putting out free concept. Don’t get me wrong, this is a passion project of mine. I do this for you, but I also do this because, selfishly I love it. I get to learn. I get to learn how to articulate what I’ve learned. I get better. I get feedback and I learn how to do things differently to better articulate what I have learned.

This is all about growth for me. Putting myself outside my comfort zone. Shit, go back and listen to episodes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and five of what was formally known as just the Screw the Scale podcast. And here we are, 240 plus episodes later. I hope there’s some positive change that comes through your headphones or whatever device you are using to listen. But my point is, I could have chosen in 2018 to continue just consuming articles and videos and even many courses on how to start a podcast. Because I did a lot of that.

But we wouldn’t be here today without the action I took. There was a complete transformation in my identity. I’ve had to let go of so much fear of judgment. So much imposter syndrome. Who the fuck am I to have a podcast? Well, oh my gosh, you don’t like this episode, you don’t like or agree with my point of view? That’s cringeworthy. I’m scared of that.

No. I had to undergo a complete transformation in who I was. I had to stop procrastinating. And here’s the thing, the form of procrastination wasn’t actually starting. It wasn’t me just sitting there, oh my God, maybe I’ll do it next Monday or next Monday. No. The real form of procrastination was hopping from one free resource to another. This podcast about starting a podcast. This blog, this video course.

That hopping from one resource to another, particularly a free resource, that is the form of procrastination. And I think, I have a very strong feeling I’m right about this, that you may relate to that, because you have some history, diet hopping. One diet to the next. Keto didn’t work for you. Let’s try Paleo. Nope, screw paleo. Let’s go Whole30. Maybe back in the day you did Atkins, you did Weight Watchers? You did this diet. You did what Liver King recommended. You did the juice cleanse A or cabbage juice diet B. You get what I’m saying? It’s always one diet to the next when that is truly a sign of procrastinating. And what are you procrastinating on you might be wondering? Well, I’ll tell you.

That procrastination is from doing the real work necessary to bringing the unconscious emotions conscious, the ones that are really leading the pattern of self-sabotage behavior that’s fueling you, giving in your own way. That is what you’re procrastinating. You’re procrastinating doing the deep fucking work to uncover why you think and behave and self-sabotage the way you do. And bouncing from one podcast to the next. One blog to the next. Mindlessly or even intentionally mindfully scrolling on social media when you could be working with the coach, surrounding yourself with like-minded people in the community, connecting with the therapist, doing some deep reflective inward journaling.

Those are all absolutely wonderful methods to learn more about yourself. To start with self-awareness, understand who you are because of your past, and then begin to unlearn some of those prominent self-sabotaging behaviors to help you get the fuck out of your own way and step into the person you dream and desire and freaking deserve to be. But it frustrates me. Can you tell I’m frustrated? Because I’m pretty frustrated. Positively frustrated if that is a thing.

But it frustrates me when I hear and see and witness and experience, and I’m a part of just so many people who tell me, “Give me your free resource on that. Can I have the free this? Can you just show me this?” It’s like, how long are you going to stay in this cycle of just consuming free, free, free? Because here’s the big kicker that many people don’t realize. When you pay, you pay attention. When you invest your time, your energy, your money, you do so knowing there are long-term goals, long-term implications as a result of seeing that investment through and doing the work.

But that is scary because work needs to be done and that work is messy, chaotic, and uncomfortable. And why not just stay nice and comfortable, content and cozy, and what you already are so familiar with, which is a pattern of self-sabotaging behavior that breeds unhappiness, overwhelmed frustration, and not being healthy or at a weight that has you feeling your best.

Information alone is not enough. You still have to do the fucking work. So breaking out of the cycle of diet hopping, of podcast hopping, blog hopping, that needs to be priority number one. You have to do the work. And one of the best places to learn and understand of how to do the work, is to go see who else is having the success or has already accomplished what it is you desire. Because success leaves clues.

And if I check my notes, I don’t remember if I did a podcast on that already, or if I did a social media post. I think, check out the Instagram @Paulsaltercoaching. There is a post awaiting for you, detailing the wonderful benefit of success and learning from your past successes as well as the successes of others. To glean what you can extract from that success, apply to your own life in the form of doing the work so that you can achieve the results that you desire, dream of and deserve. But you’ve got to do the work. Stop procrastinating.

And what I want to leave you with, actually I’m not even there yet. I got a couple more things to say. Nine times out of 10, in a podcast, maybe not nine times, depends on the content, the style, the creator. A large portion of the time, in a podcast, in a blog, in a YouTube video, there is a call to action at the end on a social media post. I do it all the time. I ask you to do something at the end. It’s a level to show you understood what you read, and it’s a way of showing your commitment to implementing that. Every, not every, I don’t why I keep defaulting into that.

A lot of pieces of content on various platforms have a call to action. A suggested, strongly, encourage action step at the end of said content. So the best first step you can take, is if you are going to be stuck in this cycle or you choose to remain there of just consuming, take a baby step. Take the action that is recommended in the content that you are consuming, logging your food this, noting your emotions here, calling this person, asking for help, whatever it may be. And this applies well beyond just the health, fitness, diet, industry stuff. Whatever it is you want to get better at or feel better in your life, this absolutely applies.

But you need to take action in addition to accumulating. Because when we accumulate, accumulate, accumulate, consume, consume, consume, we’re accumulating such a mass amount of information that, that is the culprit and the catalyst behind information overload, paralysis, inaction. But if you start taking action, guess what? You have less time to consume more and more content because you’re so busy acting. Therefore, less information overload, fewer decisions to make, more energy for action. Oh wait, guess what? Action drives the progress, change and results that you desire.

So your reminder for today is, information alone is not enough. You still have to do the work, and I applaud you ahead of time proactively for doing the work. And if you are someone listening right now, who has struggled to achieve a level of consistency in your foundational eating habits. One that brings you peace of mind, confidence and control.

If you are someone listening right now who has struggled to maintain significant weight loss, feel that you are always hopping from one diet to the next or constantly losing and regaining the same 15 to 20 pounds. If you are someone listening right now, who is not happy with themselves, happy, how they feel, desires more confidence, more control, inner peace, fulfillment, wants to feel strong, sexy and energetic, your action stuff is reach out to me. Say hi on Instagram @Paulsaltercoaching. Drop me an email That’s five F-I-V-E. Written out was the word.

Asking for help is the quickest way to accelerate results. Asking for help is a form of action. Action is going to bring you the results you desire. So reach out, ask for help. DM me @Paulsaltercoaching on Instagram. Let’s have a conversation. And if that feels scary, then hey, join us on Facebook, free Facebook community for women over 30 seeking diet freedom, peace of mind and confidence. Would love to see you and connect with you there too. Again, join that on Facebook, search it yourself, women over 30 seeking diet freedom or just reach out and ask.

I would love to talk one human to another. I know that if you resonate with what I’ve shared in this episode, you resonate with the three situations I just described. We’re meant to connect. Our paths are meant to align. Let’s have a conversation.

Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for consuming and acquiring more information today in the form of listening to this episode. Now go take the fucking action. I look forward to saying hi to you on Instagram. And I’m not even going to do my usual outro. I love you. I appreciate you being here. I will see you, listen to you, talk to you… What I was actually looking to say and [inaudible 00:13:47] episode. [inaudible 00:13:48], man, Screw the Scale.

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