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Kale Me Crazy But Here are 3 Steps To Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss


Kale me crazy but by the end of this article you’re going to realize just how simple achieving sustainable weight loss can be. Yes, I recognize that simple doesn’t mean easy, but I’d have you kale me crazy if I didn’t make it as easy as possible for you. Here are three steps you can take today to achieve sustainable weight loss. 

Stop Dieting and Start Dieting (that’s not a typo…)

When it comes to making a mindset shift to start a sustainable diet and stick to it, it’s imperative that you redefine and reframe your relationship specifically with the word diet.

Allow me to explain…

There are actually two definitions of the word diet, yet, only one gets all the attention. 

The first definition, which is the one we’ve all come to know and develop a love-hate relationship with is, “intentionally eating to lose weight.” However, the second, under-the-radar definition is “a habitual way of eating.”

The example I like to use to illustrate the difference is as follows: when someone shares that she follows a plant-based diet we quickly recognize that she habitually eats plant-based foods. We don’t automatically assume she’s eating to lose weight.

Do you see the key difference here?

I hope so because when you can create a mindset shift around your relationship with dieting, you unlock the potential to slow down to better promote adherence, which promotes consistency, each of which is essential to creating lasting, positive change! Kale me crazy- or don’t!

Action Step: This requires a mindset shift and specifically an ability to reframe your view and relationship with this word. Easier said than done, I know. 

This new way of thinking may help: remember that dieting (for weight loss) is a tool, not a lifestyle. Specifically, a short-term tool. 

When you allow a mindset shift to occur to focus on the second, more important definition of the word diet, you’re able to better see and understand that when you’re seeking weight loss, you must first solidify a habitual way of eating, one that is rooted in individualization, simplicity, and sustainability. 

If you want to better understand how to begin making changes to your relationship with food and dieting to attain sustainable results, I recommend downloading The Significant Sustainable Weight Loss Formula, which you can do by clicking the image below. 


Focus On Self Love and Compassion

If you truly loved yourself and wanted to feel your very best, how would you eat, move, and speak to yourself?

My hunch is the above would look much different than they do now. 

Having worked one-on-one with nearly 1,500 men and women the past decade and helped them to collectively lose tens of thousands of pounds of body fat (and keep it off), I can confidently tell you that those who had the most success took me seriously when I encouraged them to shift their focus on loving themselves right now instead of waiting until they lost the weight. Kale me crazy, but this is the truth.

Your sustainable weight loss transformation begins from the inside out, yet, we are programmed to focus on the outside first (the abs, toned triceps, thin thighs, etc.) in hopes that if we look better we will start to feel better.

Not so fast…

Here’s another analogy that may better ingrain the point I am trying to make. Many people are conditioned to believe that life, happiness, joy, fulfillment, and love will all be much better if they had an incalculable amount of money. 

Yet, depression, unhappiness, and suicide rates are alarmingly high amongst the wealthiest of people…


The same mentality applies to this situation, too.

Abs and toned arms aren’t the answer to feeling your best. Yes, they may provide a short-term dose of dopamine. (They certainly are something you can be proud of and excited about). But you may be surprised that if you commit to a short-term approach to weight loss and achieve some positive physique changes, the allure wears off quickly. Kale me crazy, but I support taking the “long” way.

Action Step: Write down at least one thing you love about yourself every single morning when you wake up. Period. It’s that simple. This action, when done consistently, will rewire your subconscious to begin seeking out the many positives and things to be grateful for. This will positively impact your mood, thoughts, actions, results, identity, and reality!

Don’t Kale Me Crazy But Stop Focusing on the Scale

Now you’ve shifted your focus away from dieting. You are prioritizing self-care from the inside out. Your next step is putting less weight on the scale (pun intended).

The scale can be one of the biggest sources of anxiety, frustration, and regret. This can fuel a raging wildfire of negative self-talk and thinking, ruining a day in a matter of seconds. And this is only further compounded when you’re dieting and encounter a plateau on the scale…

Bonus: Want to learn more about why plateaus happen, why you should celebrate and normalize them, and how to break them? Click here to read: “Why Weight Loss Plateaus Happen and How To Break Them.”

It’s important to look for progress in the right places. This can be hard to do now that you’re not focusing on an immediate and significant change on the scale. (Though, it may still occur the more you focus on self-love and compassion!). 

The perception of progress is essential for a continued commitment to a goal. Knowing where to find it is critical. Therefore, it’s important to understand where and how to look for progress. This will help you reframe your relationship with dieting as a lifestyle and begin prioritizing self-care.

Important: Remember that progress in this area can often be difficult to quantify and measure numerically. Additionally, your self-talk won’t change overnight but instead will gradually improve. The negativity will fade in frequency and intensity- this is progress. Celebrate it.

Areas of progress to monitor include:

  • Feeling more in control of your food choices, whether dining at home or out at a restaurant
  • No longer feeling guilty or a sense of regret after indulging in one of your favorite foods
  • Noticing a positive trend in your self-talk and confidence

Accelerate Your Progress Towards Feeling and Looking Your Best

There’s power in numbers.

When transforming yourself from the inside out, you need all the power you can get to conquer this challenging task. One of the best decisions you’ll make is to surround yourself with a community of like-minded people aspiring to achieve the same goals. They also share immense relatability in the challenges and frustrations you face. 

If this article resonated with you, then I invite you to apply for our application-only sustainable weight loss group: The 5% Community!

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