[INTERVIEW] Escaping the Grip of Body Dysmorphia and an Eating Disorder Once and For All and Finding Newfound Self-Love and Self-Confidence

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Meet Mandi.

A 36-year-old mother, who, due to her husband’s frequent and extended travel, acts as a solo parent while being a dog mom, homeowner, and full-time career woman.

Mandi spent her teenage and early adulthood consumed by an unhealthy relationship with food and extreme body dysmorphia, which ultimately culminated in a diagnosis of an eating disorder. 

After seeking the appropriate support and help she needed, Mandi still battled residual guilty and self-sabotaging thoughts related to her food choices and the way she looked. And to no surprise, this directly impacted the way she felt about herself, the confidence she had in herself, and how she showed up in her relationships and career.

Sick of having tried everything and then some to improve her relationship with food and herself, Mandi invested in herself by joining The 5% Community.

Since joining, not only has Mandi gone on to lose dozens of pounds and countless inches, but she’s absolutely transformed her self-talk, relationship with food and dieting, and can now confidently shout from a mountaintop just how much she loves herself and her body.

She is an absolutely different woman inside and out from when she first joined and I’m excited to share her story with you on today’s episode.
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Episode Key Highlights:

  • Learn how consumer Mandi’s battle with body dysmorphia and an eating disorder were and how these thoughts and feelings prevailed even after getting the appropriate help she needed in her early 20s.
  • Discover the biggest “aha” moment Mandi had when it came to drastically improving her relationship with food…to the point she freed herself from years of food guilt and anxiety.
  • Learn why spending more time away from dieting proved to be Mandi’s biggest catalyst in not only losing a significant amount of weight in a sustainable manner, but in helping her rebuild her relationship with herself and food.

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Paul Salter

Paul Salter is a Registered Dietitian and Founder of The 5% Way. Since 2013, Paul has worked one-on-one with nearly 1,500 men and women, helping them to collectively lose tens of thousands of pounds of body fat and keep it off for good. He’s also published nearly 1,000 articles, two books, and 175 podcast episodes (and counting) on all things related to our five core elements of sustainable weight loss.



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